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ONPASSIVE Digital Blueprint – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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ONPASSIVE Digital Blueprint. The research paper discusses the recent developments and future prospects of ONPASSIVE, a marketing business. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the business model and marketing platform within ONPASSIVE. The paper highlights the introduction of OConnect, traffic allocation, new products, and upcoming announcements by CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh. It underscores the significance of the traffic allocation feature in driving affiliate engagement and business growth. The paper also touches upon the financial aspects, including revenue distribution, commissions, and corporate volume. Additionally, it delves into the potential impact of ONPASSIVE’s offerings, such as domain names, hosting, and credit cards, on global markets. The authors stress the transformative potential of these products and anticipate a significant shift in the banking system and financial services. Furthermore, the paper encourages ONPASSIVE members to take personal responsibility for their financial well-being while awaiting the full rollout of ONPASSIVE’s offerings. The discussion concludes with an optimistic outlook on the future of ONPASSIVE and the transformational changes it could bring to the business landscape.

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Automaattinen Tienaaminen - ONPASSIVE This is how it works

Mike Ellis OConnect, Traffic allocation & Commissions

Mike Ellis: You know there there’s a lot of things going on within ONPASSIVE Company right now there has been a lot of things going on within ONPASSIVE the last three or four months and I think it’s really really important for people to understand what is what ONPASSIVE is for them and you can never take it out of out of the back of your mind that ONPASSIVE it is a business business and it is a marketing business so you have a marketing platform within ONPASSIVE to market the products of ONPASSIVE now we we all know that ONPASSIVE is going to go to work for us and and if you’ve been in ONPASSIVE any length the time if you’re an affiliate and you’ve been engaged you know what CEO Mr Ash Mufareh is doing within ONPASSIVE for all of us and he is he is doing things that I never thought would ever happen within ONPASSIVE I never thought ONPASSIVE would get this big but it is just way way beyond my wildest dreams and when you think about CEO Mr Ash Mufareh and I’ll give you an example the seventh CEO Mr Mufareh came out with a list he put it in the OES back office and it was a list of four or five things it started started out with OConnect there’ll be a new platform for OConnect it’ll be a new improved OConnect awesome stuff the next one was traffic allocation and then new products will be coming out and then new announcements and more which is the Ash Mufareh news bomb something that Ash hasn’t shared with us yet and most people and again this is the marketing of ONPASSIVE understand you have a marketing platform any marketing that Mr Mufareh does for each and every one of us it’s really critical for your business and when you think about that list that I just went over most people they looked at that list and the one thing they saw and the only thing they saw was commissions right I’m going to start paying you commissions and to me that really was not the essence of what Mr Ash Mufareh put out there in fact it was one of the least important things that was on that list, commissions I know the commissions are coming he put that on the list these things are going to happen in rapid fire form they’re going to be coming to us they’re going to happen but the most important thing that Ash put out there and and I’ll go over the marketing concept behind this one item was the traffic allocation okay and I’ve done a little video about this if you have if you’ve seen it you know what I’m going to talk about if you haven’t seen it it’s really powerful what Mr Mufareh has done and this is the marketing genius behind Ash Mufareh traffic allocation the people in ONPASSIVE they’re really smart they are and I’ve talked to tons and tons of them sometimes they get a little off course we bring them back in but they’re really smart and when Mr Mufareh came out with traffic allocation anybody who had not paid for ok their ears went up because that’s what we’ve all been waiting for we’ve been waiting for that traffic allocation and as the ears go went up they also said to themselves whoa wait a minute I have not bought bought o connect if I do not buy OConnect I will not get any of that traffic allocation and what happened between the 7th and the 14th and it is still happening today literally the floodgates were open for those individuals those Affiliates who had not bought OConnect and every day my organization is growing with those individuals come in and they buy OConnect what happens when they come in and buy OConnect it’s pretty simple guys I make a commission that’s a really big deal but it’s bigger than that what Mr Ash did is he and it’s a stick in carrot but it but it’s really clever the way he does it okay we’re going to start allocating traffic around the 16th again the date does not matter to me whether it’s the 16th whether it’s this later this week whether it’s next week it does not matter the carrot was put out there if you come in you buy OConnect you’re going to benefit from the from the marketing of ONPASSIVE in Ash Mufareh what is Ash Mufareh going to do he’s going to start putting individuals people that have come in bought OConnect in your organization as that happens you make a commission first one you get is 100% commission I.E your business is free now from there it’s 25% but it’s even bigger than that as we think about the totality of ONPASSIVE this is really powerful guys you guys really need to get this these individuals coming in and buying OConnect the ones that haven’t bought yet and coming in and buying OConnect I don’t know what the numbers are they could be 10 15 20 25% more people coming in and buying OConnect it benefits everybody within ONPASSIVE and and when you think about ONPASSIVE right now there’s a finite amount of money coming in every month now that amount will increase I think it’s infinite but right now it’s finite that finite amount of money ONPASSIVE has to pay the bills they have to pay for fees they have to have a little bit in the kitty for any emergencies from there they pay the commissions of that and we’re talking about one sale they pay the commissions of that one sale right now it’s 25% but when you when you add when you add up the expenses of ONPASSIVE and the commission they’re paying us there’s still a bundle of money in there and it’s substantial what’s going to happen with that money and again the quicker the revenue builds the more each and every one of us are going to make what happens to that bundle of money that’s sitting there well we know Mr Mufareh he has a heart to serve he wants to take that money and he wants to make you successful and right now that’s all that’s important will you be successful with an ONPASSIVE yes you will because Mr Mufareh wants to make sure you will be successful so he’s going to take that bundle of money that he has and he’s going to put it into corporate volume now I don’t want to say I don’t know how it’s going to work but I’m not going to tell you because Ash needs to share that with us and I think I have a pretty good pretty good idea of how it’s going to work but I can tell you that bundle of money will benefit each and everybody within ONPASSIVE now here’s the caveat this happens every single month one little stick and carrot come in OConnect miss the allocated traffic one little carrot and it exploded and it really did guys most of you did not see this because your organization isn’t big enough but I saw what happened in my organization and I know that ONPASSIVE overall it mirrors what ONPASSIVE does so I know within ONPASSIVE it exploded now there are only a few people that can see that Ash Mufareh is one of them but what that does for each and every one of us because of the money that’s left over after they pay all the expenses it is really powerful so when you think about Mr Mufareh when you think when he’s putting something out there and you think you’ve got it you don’t I can guarantee 99% of the people that saw that list on the 7th January all they thought about was commissions and I know that because they’ve contacted me it’s what Mr Mufareh is doing to develop and build ONPASSIVE far beyond your your wildest dreams that’s what’s happening right now today the list that he came out with the seven it’s gonna everything on there is going to happen but it’s going to happen in his time frame not yours and the the week between the 7th and the 14th I didn’t expect anything to happen there although a lot of things did happen Mr Mufareh came out and he talked about just about each and every one of those items he really did and he kind of gave you a little bit more insight into the products and into the traffic allocation into OConnect into other products he really shared a lot over the last 10 days and this (February) month a lot of things are going to be happening just sit back chill out but stay engaged with your business understand always ONPASSIVE is your business you need to engage in your business and as we move forward the three of us Andy Collins and I and others will have things that you can do to enhance what ONPASSIVE is doing for you and they’re very easy things to do it’s not the time or place right now to to go into that because a few things need to happen within ONPASSIVE for you to be able to take advantage of some of the things we would like you to try they will improve your business they will improve your bottom line they will get you that place where where you just don’t worry about finances this is ONPASSIVE if you don’t wake up excited just go back and listen to some of what Mr Mufareh is telling us and really think about it and when you think about it you’re going to go o yeah I think I’m in the right place absolutely.

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Andy Berks Early Birds, Customers & Advertising

Andy Berks: For many of us of the founders out there they still don’t get it so I wanted to kind of take a step back just slightly and and explain the concept that Collins Manna has out with several times now so we ONPASSIVE is going to be selling things for us they’re going to be doing that but in order for them to be able to do that for us there’s two things we have to do we have to click to become an affiliate in our Ecosystem and then we need to activate and put a product in our online shop now there there are still hundreds of Founders that don’t understand that how can ONPASSIVE sell something for you if you’ve not bought it first it’s like stock you’ve got to put stock in your shop for your shop to be able to sell it and the sad thing here guys is that we’ve got 1.4 million Founders early birds whatever you want to call us but there’s probably only 600,000 that have actually activated their account because the rest of them have gone it’s not happening we don’t want to know we’ve not kept up to date with what’s going on and by the way we’re not putting any more money in well hold on a second you got your refund back it’s gone into your wallet so you don’t have to pay that extra so it’s kind of like a a bit of a wind up but these guys are not engaged they do not know what’s going on and they haven’t kept up with what where we are at now. So I want to kind of then go a little bit further forward and look at this this traffic system that that Mike Ellis has explained because there’s far more to it going forward because at some point in the future ONPASSIVE will have in excess let’s just for as a figure by the end of the year let’s say we might might have 100 million customers in ONPASSIVE right if we have 100 million customers in ONPASSIVE we have our own traffic. Companies will come to us and ask us to offer their products to our customer base and guess what we have our own domain names and ONPASSIVE is going to come to us and say by the way “Nike” wants to (as an example please take that as an example) a large company like “Nike” for instance might come along and say look I want to advertise my goods and services to your customers so ONPASSIVE comes to us and says by the way they want to be able to offer their products on your domain are you happy for them to do that by the way we’ll pay you every time someone clicks on that scenario so this is another form of income and yet another form of income so every single product we put in our online shop becomes another income stream and as I said I hate to say it but there’s an awful lot of people out there that still don’t get this so how do we get this message across what do we have to do besides shaking people like what are you your thoughts on that mate no I mean both of what Mike and Collins have said very powerful stuff and how do we wake up those individuals that aren’t awake within ONPASSIVE they’re in ONPASSIVE their Affiliates have ONPASSIVE but they haven’t bought OConnect?

Mike Ellis Finance, Websites & Market

Mike Ellis: I think that’s happening right now because of what Ash did but I also believe as as we progress in the next couple of weeks two three four weeks and all of a sudden things really start to flow it’s amazing how powerful a testimonial is so you might have Joe down the street who’s been in ONPASSIVE for I don’t know maybe three years and just kind of disengaged and you’ve got Susie who’s been on ONPASSIVE for maybe six months and all of a sudden Susie comes in and goes it’s just amazing I no longer have a car payment because of ONPASSIVE I.E she paid off her car well the guy down the street is going to hear that and go what do you mean you paid off your car testimonials and that those are going to be coming out big time pretty soon big time very quickly as Mr Mufareh does the traffic allocation as he starts to distribute the the corporate volume to those individuals within onpath that I’ve bought OConnect those testimonials are going to be coming rapid fire and it’s really interesting you’re going to have someone that has stayed engaged been in for four or five years and he’s he or she is going to wake up and they’re going to have $20,000 in their wallet that is going to happen guys that’s absolutely going to happen and when that happens you’ve got the guy over here and maybe he or she is the most talented person in the world has is very articulate can come on and do a a podcast or can come on and talk for hours but just for some reason didn’t be connected and they’re going to see this gal over here that didn’t do anything doesn’t have any talent and wakes up with 20 grand in her wallet he’s going to be in a heartbeat and he’s going to pay the $93 for OConnect or whatever it cost at that time and when when that happens within 30, 60, 90 days he’s going to have a testimonial now when I start to talk about money I want everybody to understand that ONPASSIVE I don’t want to explain it as a “cash cow” it is your business and over time your business will provide for you and you will get to that place where you don’t worry about finances everybody in ONPASSIVE that engages and participates will get there again that’s another thing when people hear that and they see it they’re going to be in.
Andy they’re just going to be in there’s not much we can do for those indviduals because they’re hard-headed I mean you hit them overhead with a sledgehammer they’re not coming in until they’re ready and when they’re ready they’re going to jump in they really are, but yeah when you think about ONPASSIVE think about time one year, two year, three years which really in the life of a business is absolutely nothing usually in that three year period most businesses fail they just go out of business ONPASSIVE is going to make you successful in your business because of what Andy just talked about what ONPASSIVE is going to be doing for you and then what Collins Manna talked about, if you understand what he’s saying should just blow the lid off literally blow the lid off he’s a technician he knows what’s going on with ONPASSIVE he knows the press of ONPASSIVE he knows how powerful they are he knows how they’re going to work I on the other hand I’m a marketer I look at the market okay what are these products going to do what kind of Market do we have and what kind of Revenue are they going to bring into ONPASSIVE and if you think about the market that that Collins just talked about one of them is the Cloud Server and the amount of individuals that are. I’m not sure when ONPASSIVE is going to offer their Cloud Server to the world but today when you when you think about the cloud servers the market out there is about a half a trillion dollars okay how much of that market is ONPASSIVE going to take? ONPASSIVE is going to be better than anything out there it’s going to be less expensive it’s going to be seamless it’s going to be hooked up to AI how much of that market do you think will take 40% 50% 60% 70% yeah I think we could remember everything that and this this should just blow your mind whatever comes into ONPASSIVE goes through those Affiliates that are in ONPASSIVE everything every customer goes through the Affiliates and when you start talking about a market that’s a half a trillion dollars that’s one market by the way we have markets that we’re in that are bigger than that really bigger than a half a trillion dollar yeah again everything goes through us so when you when you start to think about the the technology of ONPASSIVE. Collins he’s the best at it you’re going to understand what it’s going to do marketing all you have to do is look at the numbers how good the products are and that ONPASSIVE is going to come in with a superior product above market value at a lower price point it’s a done deal and then everything goes through you all of this ties in Andy to those individuals catching the vision and coming in paying for OConnect. I don’t know how many businesses you can come into pay $93 and the first sale is 100% you’re it’s free and clear and then anything after that you make a commission on people are getting it they’re getting it every single day I see that in my back office people coming in and buying OConnect this thing it’s really cool to think about where we are.

We’re in a great place we really are and then you start to think about where are we going to be in six months has ONPASSIVE gone viral just a little bit just tiny wait until everything is smoothed out everything’s just just working like a clock wait until that happens and then you’re going to see what viral is and that’s why when when I talk about the Cloud Server when I talk about 60% 70% 80% I think we’re going to take that business we’re going to shock the world we’re going to shock these individuals that have Cloud servers they’re gonna what do we do and how do we compete and they’re gonna we can’t and now you get to see what’s going to happen to your business your bottom line and how it’s going to change your life really fun stuff right now guys go back I think one of the interesting things I heard that Ash mentioned on one of the webinars was that the likes of “Walmart” pay obviously approximately 30 million a year to have their websites hosted which is a considerable sum of money but to have someone like that we could host that in our databases for 5 million a year and still make two and half million profit because and Collins will know the the exact numbers of companies that offer these cloud services or these database services but obviously we know the big ones like Amazon and very mind Amazon get 80% of their revenue through Amazon web services, Microsoft, Google and there’s another one is it called Allstar yeah those are the four big ones aren’t they so if you’ve got a system or a situation where not only have we got the the very latest technology Laser Technology but are able to host the entire internet how many companies do you think is going to move across if we can fractionalize the cost that they’re paying at the moment I think again one of the points that I picked up on was that with most of these data centers the servers that hold this information are not exactly up to date but a relatively small data center has 1,500 staff to run it where as you know we’re expecting to have the world’s largest data center up and running very shortly and when that happens it will take three employees to run it not, 1500 it’s a totally different. Collins what are your thoughts on that?

Collins Manna Data Center, AI Cloud & Domains

Collins Manna: You know talk about by I was just laughing you know like you said a lot of people when they think about Amazon they always think about Marketplace is just a tiny fraction of what they are making because I remember when they come out with Marketplace a lot of people companies started building Marketplace so the the competition was too high now they think about okay what else do we do now they decide to build domain but again how many domain company are there you know competition but when they move into Data Center it was less competition because you need to put a lot of money to build is at that time to build a data center wasn’t so easy but now there was less competition as you said most of their revenue is coming from data center because the cheapest company can host their data you know, you need to buy a a hosting position from Amazon or Microsoft or Google but again anywhere you go they will milk you because it’s millions, tens of millions and you know data is like meter the more data you store the more money they will charge you but now on past look and say what if we come with a better data center AI Cloud you know I remember is talking now about AI Infinity but we are already in AI you know now they are thinking of building a data center with AI Infinity he spoke about it last time those who are investing in technology go and listen to it and I said wow you are thinking and it will take you five years to do that or more we already have AI Cloud you know and if you think about AI you remember last time Dr Tarek talk about it you look about we’re talking about Big Data, talking about data mining and data modeling this about helping business when you mind your data it means you select and filter useful data that are good for businesses where business can use it and optimize whatever their profit and stuff so you are already doing that that job for them and data model is about comparing big datas and said this is good for you this is really good the system can do that or data center can do all of this job what where do you think they will go they come to ONPASSIVE one is AI driven is and all of those type of things now I look at domain again you know a lot of people when they look I say okay we have domain all of us happy days but think about you being a domain provider not only you having a domain name but now you become a domain provider that is another stream of income coming, one product you now you are like we talk about GoDaddy and said what about GoMommy we are the GoMommy not GoDaddy so when you start to think about all of these things that you have one product this the moment you turn your eye you said oh my God this is it you are a domain provider not only owning a domain having a domain you are a domain provider look at the cost of domain I remember my talk about this they went to check if they can get a domain for ONPASSIVE 360 you know they said oh let’s just go and check it it was 75 million dollars to get it a little above our budget yeah so Mike give us a little bit more I mean Ash has talked about this the other day on Ron’s Friday live but a lot of people missed that and there are quite a few on this evening that again might like to get a an opinion or an understanding as to what this real estate for us actually means yeah no very important Collins just went over quite a bit of it and again it just blows your mind when you listen to Collins the domain names they’re a really big deal and and when you think about getting a domain for your for yourself which which everybody in ONPASSIVE all the Affiliates in ONPASSIVE will do that that’s one of the things you have to do it. Again it’s one of those ONPASSIVE is going to manage your business ONPASSIVE is going to bring in traffic ONPASSIVE going to do a lot of things but you have to get a domain name and when you do that you have say 1.4 million domain names out there but it’s not just 1.4 million pages it’s way more than that and when you start to add up everything that ONPASSIVE is going to do for you all of a sudden it’s it’s not a million or two million it’s a 100 million it’s 200 million it’s half a billion Pages out there that property that address it’s ours it’s ONPASSIVE because we are ONPASSIVE and when you start to get that kind of volume out on the Internet it’s just really hard for people to come on the internet and not see ONPASSIVE that’s what all of this does that’s what Mr Mufareh’s vision is to have so much content out there with the addresses owned by those individuals within ONPASSIVE branding each and every one of us that as people come online it’s almost impossible not to see ONPASSIVE.

Mike Ellis Domain, Revenue & Credit Cards

Mike Ellis: Now domains let me talk about that just for a second and Collins just said it understand when you get a domain name you’re not only getting a domain name as Collins said you’re getting another stream of Revenue how often does that work with any other company really so people can come into your shop they see domain names they go I wonder how much that cost it’s going to be less than anybody out there well I think I want to go with these guys and then they tell everybody in their Universe oh no this is where I got my domain it’s great and and you know something else this is what happened when I got my domain name they gave me hosting for free that doesn’t happen anywhere else guys that does not happen in any other domain arena in the world this is again think about what Mr Mufareh is doing think about the marketing of Mr Mufareh think about the mind of Mr Mufareh he just guaranteed your success here’s a domain cost less and we give you hosting for free what really I’m in and the domain right now the domain name that Niche the revenue that comes in an annually is about $2 billion that’s nothing to sneeze at that’s a significant amount of income although when you look at some of the other niches we’re in it’s absolutely nothing but it’s not, it’s it major because you start taking these domains that have a billion here two billion here five billion here six billion here all of a sudden you’re up to 100 billion all of a sudden you’re 200 billion and then you get one with a a trillion then you get one with a trillion all that stuff’s coming in to us coming through our businesses this is just absolutely massive I’ll hit one more thing this should just blow your mind absolutely very briefly Mr Mufareh talked about his credit card how he’s going to release it in India so that the Indian people he can load their cards with the money they can put the money on their card and then they can go out and spend it okay this is a major deal he is going to test the credit cards in India but in time in my opinion it’s going to come to your neck of the woods and you’re going to be able to get a credit card you’re going to be able to load it with the funds that are in your wallet you’re have a credit card you can go out and you can buy whatever you want you can get cash you can do whatever you want understand that today right now there’s about 1.86 billion charges on a credit card daily okay not only do you get the credit card it’s just like the all of a sudden you are in the credit card business and when people come into your shop they see you have a credit card it has a zero rate and and if you do certain things yeah you can load it from here and go and spend it well how many people are going to come in and go yeah that’s the kind of credit card I want I don’t want to be paying all these fees I don’t want to be I don’t want to be going into debt I don’t want to have to pay $400 in the in the credit card debt that I have and I know a lot of people that pay anywhere for from from 200 to 5,000 a month on credit card debt it’s massive and again that’s part of the the debt servitude that the world has put us into and Mr Mufareh is coming again this is the marketing guys it is genius he’s coming in and he’s getting out of that bondage credit card it’s a big deal it’s coming to your neck of the woods it is a massive industry 1.8 billion transactions daily and that that the revenue that comes in with those credit cards it’s about $2 billion a year again two billion here two billion here two billion here everything coming through us what’s that going to do for your business what’s that going to do for your bottom line how are you gonna feeling in a four months, six months, a year how you g to be feeling I think you’re gonna be feeling really good again we get back to Andy have you caught the vision yet do you understand what’s going on if you do come in pay the $93 get that and by the way that first sale is coming with the traffic allocation and that’s gonna happen any day now so really go ahead guys I mean there’s a lot more but go ahead yeah we do have a lot more absolutely again.

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Andy Berks

Andy Berks: Collins, Mike has just explained about the credit cards and this is huge not only for India but also for places in Africa, because obviously you’ve got this this currency issue but if you got a credit card that’s loaded up with dollars what does this mean for guys in Africa?

Collins Manna Africa, Banking & Big Deal

Collins Manna: oh see it will really change the continent because that is you know the banks are really headache especially when it comes to Cameroon the banks are really headach you ask how many people are really banking you know when you talk about when now in ONPASSIVE sometime you advise them they tell you no the charges that they are getting you know you get a bank card you not put any money but they are charging you I remember last time Vincent said same thing with Ivory Coast you have a bank and you’re not doing anything by the time you know you are in zero and then you realize you are owing the bank so this is really a big deal for Africa you know because all of them even the young people whoever want to get a hand on the ONPASSIVE card because they know one it is really affordable you know because we know who Mr Mufareh is, he want to give something that because he doesn’t want you to be in dead he still want you to make wealth for yourself and your generation to come so this is a big deal honestly it will flip the continent upside down because I don’t see anybody maybe some of the banks they will be shaking said what is happening here and it will help them to change their way.

Andy Berks Banking System, No transaction fees & Income streams

Andy Berks: I think we’re all going to see a change in the banking system over the course of the next couple of years without shadow of a doubt because all of these banks have been charging you know fees for nothing and also when you transfer money there’s this delay and they play with it in the background which is going to stop and having a charge card with your commission on this charge card means that they don’t get access to it they don’t get to play with it they don’t, it is in your card now I am not suggesting for anyone out there that it’s not good to have a bank account I am saying you do need a bank account because it makes life easier yeah all right but the charge cards are going to be for us phenomenal because let’s put it this way you know a lot of the cards these days you get with with banks give you this incentive you know you spend this amount and we’ll give you a cash back okay now when you’ve got a credit card system that says actually we’re going to allow you to use your credit card and we’re going to charge you a very small fee to make sure that you use that credit card but everything you’ve got goes onto that credit card now these also give everybody Commission because the number of transactions as Mike said 1.8 billion is was it a day, Mike it’s a day yeah is just phenomenal so all of these different things add up to different income streams and again people just don’t understand this the number of income streams that we will have within ONPASSIVE before the end of the year could be 50 60 we don’t know because there’s a possibility that we can have physical products there’s credit cards there’s all of the products that we know about or have heard about with ONPASSIVE but even now Ash has come up with some extras that we don’t know about so you know well where so where do you think this is going to go then Mike what’s the next step for us?

Mike Ellis Incoming products, Lifestyle & Get Ready

Mike Ellis: I don’t think there is a top Andy and Collins I don’t, the top right now you know Mr Mufareh is going to come out with an “Ash a-bomb-news” I don’t know what that is but it’s not the product that he’s talked about very briefly AI it product that will come out and everybody in the world will use I don’t believe it’s that so we got that and that I don’t think there is a top to it yeah this is just a really fun time I do want to talk about attitudes out there just very quickly because this affects me too and and it’s important for everybody to understand where we are and your responsibility okay ONPASSIVE today they do not owe me a living that’s not in their preview it’s my responsibility to take care of my lifestyle while we’re waiting for all of this to come out and again I believe this is going to be happening in days and weeks this is going to be happening very quickly but here’s what happened to me first of January money ran out I think we’ve all been there one time or another. But you do what you need to do until Mr Mufareh introduces all of these things and again I think it’s going to happen this month guys I think the cash is going to start to flow I think the products are going to be coming out I think the traffic allocation is going to be happening I think a lot of things are going to be happening this month and then when we get into February, March, April I think it’s just going to it’s just going to increase exponentially but when you think about ONPASSIVE you think about your life take responsibility for your lifestyle today ONPASSIVE does not owe you the ability to to take care of you until everything unrolls that’s your responsibility and if you have to go out and get a job go get a job. but I just wanted to put that out there.

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