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ONPASSIVE is included in T-Hub – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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ONPASSIVE is included in T-hub

About T-Hub
At T-Hub, we believe startups are the centre of the universe – the driving force behind transformative change. Our aim is to provide a launchpad for these visionaries, propelling them into the forefront of global innovation.
Spanning across 5,85,000 sq ft, with a capacity to hold up to 1000 startups, the massive infrastructure is more than just an incubator. We are a community, a catalyst, and a driving force behind the future of entrepreneurship.

T-hub Mission
Our aim is to establish global gold standards for innovation and entrepreneurship.By providing unparalleled support, resources, and opportunities, we want to create an environment where every startup can thrive, disrupt, and redefine industry norms.

Our Evolution
T-Hub, is consistently shaping startup innovation through comprehensive support and tailored program structures. Coming up from humble beginnings our ideology has nurtured the development of startups at every phase of the journey from ideation, acceleration, and scaling through tailored resources, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities.

Our Transformation
Our ambition extends beyond being a regional leader to becoming a global force in innovation and entrepreneurship. We see T-Hub as an epicenter where startups, through collaboration, partnerships, and unwavering support, undergo a metamorphosis into global disruptors.


Other big companies besides ONPASSIVE: Microsoft, AWS, Meta, Boeing, Novartis, Nvidia, Suzuki, Uber, Intel, Samsung, Bosch etc.

See the listing here https://t-hub.co/corporate-directory/

@THubHyd in Hyderabad, a bustling epicentre of innovation and technology. The vibrant atmosphere here is electrifying, with startups buzzing with creativity and breakthrough ideas. From cutting-edge tech to entrepreneurial spirit, T-Hub is a melting pot of possibilities.
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