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How AI Empowers Talents & Skills – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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The CEO of ONPASSIVE, Ash Mufareh, expressed optimism about the company’s future despite global uncertainties. He highlighted the upcoming release of O-Connect, a video conferencing platform that is expected to be a game changer. Mufareh emphasized the company’s commitment to developing superior technologies and products, noting the importance of compassion and heart in their offerings. He also mentioned plans to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and release innovative products in diverse sectors. Additionally, he teased a new AI product that aims to empower individuals by enhancing their skills and talents. Mufareh underscored ONPASSIVE’s mission to uplift humanity and hinted at surprises to come in 2024. He emphasized the company’s unique business model and its potential to revolutionize the market. Mufareh’s remarks painted a picture of a company focused on creating impactful and transformative technologies, with a strong emphasis on compassion and empowerment.

How AI Empowers Talents & Skills

Webinar speech as text

I think it’s going to be a powerful year for us in ONPASSIVE though it is really not looking good for the entire world so things might not be good outside ONPASSIVE but the good news we have been working on a better economy and a stimulus plan for everyone for a while we are not only hopeful we’re confident that we’re not going to be affected out flat yeah we are not going to be affected we are bringing Superior Technologies and products more more products to the market let’s begin with the this beautiful O-Connect as of now which is on the verge of going to the release or to the launching release to the to the main release Edition and that is going to be not only a game it will just Crush everything around and it will definitely take over the field of video conferencing very simple we know that the features the scalability the love the touch in that.

I loved what Gina reminded us with even if we give them their recipe they’re going to screw it up they don’t have the heart yeah so this is what they tried okay in in some similar platforms we’re almost forgetting them that’s really good to steal a few of our features it didn’t work their lack compassion and heart what we’ve succeeded in achieving in O-Connect not only every feature that we always wished for is a video conference platform we made it perfect but also we put much love in it that again in a couple of weeks we’re just going to see something that is a Game Changer it will be the biggest most powerful webinar system ever existed and it will continue advancing as long as we are alive.
And you’re going to look around at some of these applications I’m not saying Zoom only and they’re going to stink so bad like a dumpster behind a seafood restaurant yuck and and we are going to help everybody use this technology and and they have the ability to also be compensated with us what a beautiful uh concept not only they are able to save money but they are able to get paid with us at to that they get more not only the this application and this is exactly what we’re going to do so we’re just about to say hey this is the flag this is the a Finish Line with almost you know with O-Connect and it’s perfect I can tell you that we’re just about to reach that stage to be able to see perfect our standards it’s perfect and now we move on to the next thing by the time you get to enjoy this we are already working on a few things in fact many things at the same time we’re just going to package them and release them in a perfect condition that’s how we do it, it how you do anything is how you do everything and that’s how we do every feature in O-Connect and how we do the entire application we perfect it we stabilize it we scale it and now it is going to blow up positively.

I don’t have a plan to be here but what I agree with you is that we are really a unique business model in fact we’re not just a business as I often say we are a complete lifestyle we are a company with heart we have so much passion compassion for Humanity we take it as an obligation we’re going to change and uplift Humanity we believe so and why not we begin with ourselves and this exact Gathering now and meeting is a good example of that I believe most of us here would agree that yeah my life is a lot better because I have at least this Beacon of hope in my life and I can dare to dream again and even beyond what I thought and that’s exactly the reflection on our attitude on the company side all of us are thinking the the same exact way now we’re thinking this is connecting with people it’s working and we should actually take it to the next level and we have actually upped our game there’s so much we wish to tell you we haven’t told you about many things but this year is going to be filled with surprises good ones you would never expect them and we’re going to utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) and you know Technologies and more of our incredible Innovative products even in other sectors Beyond AI and it we’re just going to shock the world we have an incredible start we’re set up for a good year maybe one last thing I would share here before I open for somebody else here but I like the idea when you said we’re making everybody the Hero yes exactly that’s what we’re doing list we are making you Heroes and I believe I came up with a product completely AI.

I didn’t tell you about that before I can tell you some description of it not necessarily the name or the date of release I can tell you very soon you’re going to see available to you in the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem marketplace as ONPASSIVE Pioneers you will have that privilege and First Advantage before the world.

There’s something we developed that is totally AI but better AI than anyone in the game because some of them they just start working on AI I’m not talking about Facebook AI That’s working against you to know what you’re creeping for so they can track you, you know what I’m talking about right by the way I don’t know if you heard but Mark Zuckerberg his theory to me is like a a robotic human being emotionless we all know that do you know how they talk I mean literally like a robot so yeah enough of us given those people the Power to Monopoly the entire market and play with us and Shuffle our data um I’m not talking about that type of Technology I’m not talking about that type of AI so an AI that is for you only for you it’s almost anybody could use a little help to get better like physically intelligence anybody could use like I wish you know my hair was that way my nose was a little bit like it’s almost like God didn’t do a good job we want to fix it right we want to repair his work but imagine if we make every one of you you here and every user say by the millions if not the billions give them the ability to appear as Heroes and have the ability to clone and replicate somebody’s power like I wish I know how to speak like Robin Nobles I wish I’m funny like so and so I wish you know so you would be able to customize that that you or that star of you and clone the intelligence of somebody or content or context or substance of anything and replicated by the millions at the same time the company has that power and we will give you that power as an individual as long as you’re in it and I mean to talk in codes now because it’s almost time to tell you come on let’s play with this game if something is going to go viral in 2024 yes I said 2024 it will be this thing I just described will make everybody a Hero and I used or maybe bullied that little guy there because it bothers me that people believe they had a platform to use to their advantage when they have been used and abused for years enough of that and it’s time to change it so it is time for a positive change in 2024 we have prepared much more surprises you know many more this is one of the things I think you’re going to love it super simple yet powerful 100% AI from this little creepy brain but it will make every one of you look as a star or the star they want to be but a realistic one you’re not going to do fictitious you know yeah so something rather reasonable but it will give you extra skill or talent that you are struggling to acquire so it will boost your ability to get to where you want to go much faster or instantly day one you could do whatever you want and go live you can be an influencer you can be a mentor you could be a big speaker trainer and yes you can remember my friend from New Jersey he was flying and climbing at the tallest building on earth is possible so if I say it, it is serious you will be able to do things you never thought you would magical that’s all I wanted to share or tease you with I think you know at least I want to if I want to do something I want or hope that I succeed it to give you more hope than ever and I’m just like you more excited than any time before now we have the background say what I’m good I’m done.

Ash “bomb” is you know O-Net, not just the internet, O-Net there are a few pillars on one hand you can count them achieving them will make us secure that ability to own it on the internet and own even other areas of our life for the most part everything is in the final stages but one is the most crucial one though it’s a done deal but it’s a big mission doing that meaning we’re done all right did that help you well clear crystal clear okay you can thank you I gave you all the information all the givings.
What do we need one two three five to be able to own it 1 2 3 4 probably are either completely done or some are in the final stages one is pending because it’s a big deal doing it we close a deal I’ll be able to announce it’s a done deal thanks five things in it that’s an easier thing to say yeah I’m talking about the implementation what will make you a star, what will make a star in 2024 and to get to places you never thought you would be able to achieve I’m talking about something I’ve never hinted to it this is the first time I Am leaking but I wouldn’t say anything until it was almost a done deal it’s going to go viral wow even in China Chinese people are going to love it.

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