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Oletko valmis menestymään? – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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Automatic Earning – GET READY – Are you ready to succeed?

ONPASSIVE is in the Calm before the massive storm that will release the beginning of what has been lurking behind security gates.

January 2024 will change the lives of hundreds of thousands of Affiliates who have been waiting patiently to receive the compensation for the hard work to be given to them.
From monday January 29th we have started paying our bulk payments as known as pending withdrawal requests and we will make a small bulk batch and then increase it gradually till they are all paid out.
Mr Ash Mufareh said that caused Untold joy for ONPASSIVE Affiliates and misery and pain for unbelievers and people and companies who thought they could bring ONPASSIVE down.

Many of you have had access to OConnect since April and as of Wednesday January 31st we will stop accepting payments for the first release of OConnect and a few days after crypto will end.

A few days later the new release of OConnect will come and it will be called the “commercial release OConnect” and it will be at a new price.

A few days after we will announce the release of the next products in the lineup.

We are in Ready set go talking about a deluge and more joy for ONPASSIVE Affiliates and pain for those who thought they could make ONPASSIVE shut down Affiliates enjoy the calm, get ready for the storm.

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