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ONPASSIVE 360 Show October 4th

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Discover how ONPASSIVE Show on October 4th will help you grow your business. Don't miss out!

Welcome to ONPASSIVE 360 Here this the fourth of October we are rocking and rolling a lot of stuff going on on our behalf we we need to remember that and usually when it’s quiet that means there’s a lot going on and when we hear news it’s usually blowing us away so I’m being prepared um yeah what what now is we we’ve been doing a lot of O-Connects having fun actually different groups and I know more and more people are trying it out you should try it out we also know that some people got a withdrawal on crypto I was one it worked out very well with Kraken was very fast in fact it was faster than they said it would be which is always nice and it’s very easy to do so but what I recommend anybody that wants to do crypto it’s a good idea to learn how to do it but you need to if you go there and you ask questions you can even go to YouTube how to open an account how to withdraw how to pay how to you know and I did I’m going to do one when you withdraw from ONPASSIVE into Kraken how to transfer the money over to US dollar and then how to withdraw it it’s very fast it didn’t take five minutes it’s very fast and then from there to the bank like I said they said 72 hours but it was on a Saturday night like 8:30 at night and I got it Monday so it was very fast in fact during the week I think.

It’s one day for some people but anyway look out for that yes we do know that they’re working on the payment for cards I do not need anybody else to tell me they can’t play with cars I’ve got we have the info we’ve had the info since Saturday they know they they’ve known a long time so they’re working on I believe all many different ways to do that which is fantastic then that’ll get blown away again I know there’s a lot of people wanting to pay but I would encourage people if you would look into the crypto I think you would be surprised how simple it is yeah you don’t want to make a mistake but you don’t want to make a mistake in any money you’re transferring just make sure you get the right numbers the right address and it really works seamlessly for what I’ve noticed and Kraken by the way is as many is in over 190 countries so it’s everywhere it’s just like ONPASSIVE.

Actually the other thing I wanted to say is if you I know a lot of people are getting anxious what do I have what I don’t have, look let’s keep something let’s remember something there key things we got to keep in mind all of us one of them is and this is one of the most important nobody zero not a person not a living Soul can enter ONPASSIVE except through a Founder now I know you’re seeing do com do is translated into you whoever you are it’s going to go to everybody that’s found it and they’re in the game in it to win it two parts in it you migrated they gave us $10 worth of OKoin just being able to figure out how to migrate which is unbelievable but then you get your money back the 97 dollars that we paid in the beginning and then it’s very simple if you buy the product and company is not telling you to buy anything then why would they do that but if you want to be in it to win it and start have an option to create an income or generate commission you have to own it before you can sell it and no you cannot go into ONPASSIVE and cash out your 107 OKoins that is there to help you pay for the product so that that enhances that’s why they made it so that you only have to pay 143 (founders fee, new people need to paid 240 dollars) for three months divide that by three what is that every month it’s ridiculous okay plus they’re paying you Commission on top of that the same volume for Zoom of 100 people on the panel now by the way you can have 100 on the panel but 25 with the cameras on so you can rotate people okay but total of 10,000 people in a attendee you’re you’re talking of whopping six grand (with Zoom) something like that to have that level of capacity and they’re giving it to us and paying us and the first Commission on top of all this wild stuff is 100% Commission on your first sale never heard anything like it so we’re we’re good okay don’t panic over stuff you don’t know because every time we don’t know it’s always better than when we do find out.

So why worry it’s going to get better we’re going to be fine they’re working we have hundreds if not thousands of people different locations working in our behalf right this second last second five seconds from now five months from now five years from now so we’re doing very well they did not build this foundation for us to be worried about something we’re way past worrying about is this going to happen it’s happening all you have to do is hold on tight it’s happening if you can’t see that it’s happening you’re not looking flat out if you can’t see it you’re not looking guaranteed everything’s there if you can Red give an update for the week but if you can go to ONPASSIVE YouTube but also go to ONPASSIVE Twitter I don’t know how many people go there not enough because there you’re going to find two or three videos every single day they also put out the new blog like yesterday was something to do with space uh or today go there and you can read about this stuff and trust me it was said to me a long time ago if you read about something or look into it or research it enough if you do it a few times you become what they would call an expert not the best of the best but the more knowledge you have of ONPASSIVE and AI or digital the smarter you get you start to understand when things are being said you go I get it I understand it so people say I don’t know how you and Red and Chris can every day come on and talk about them ONPASSIVE day after day after day because we know it we’re living it that’s how it happens if I had to search and if sweating to come on the live I wouldn’t do one I wouldn’t do one anything I’ve ever cared about in my life I could talk about it forever in fact if I get in a room with other people and they’re talking and they jog my memory it’ll go on for hours we have to shut it down but anyway I just want to say you’re in very good hands I’m happy that I got a commission but God is my witness I will be more happy when I hear everybody else is doing the same so that’s why I came here that’s what that’s what turned me on to ONPASSIVE you can go Red Redfern you could go to Peter my question was can anybody do this because I wanted to bring people with us we were all in business where one or one and a half percent of the people made money and everybody else just looked up and go man I wish that was me that’s not ONPASSIVE it is you that’s why we’re here now you can’t expect to come in at some crazy marketer like me when I saw this I went crazy why because I said this is unbelievable everybody can win don’t compare to anybody compare to you you’re going to win and by the way I am sick and tired of people tell me what they have and what they don’t have listen to me you don’t know what you have I I’m telling you right now you don’t know what you have and you don’t know what you’re getting but I will tell this it’s going to bring tears to your eyes as months and years to come gar and freaking it it has to it’s too big and by the way the bigger the company gets the smaller the percentage of Founders become and the more valuable it becomes we were 100% of this company not too long ago now we’re less than 50 and in six months we might be 10% in a year or two years we might be 1% in a few years we might be less than one tenth of 1% tell me that’s not value.

Guys look ahead stop looking at today don’t look at yet y today talk and walk where you’re going not where you are because if you talk and walk where you are you’ll never go to tomorrow you’re living in the you’re living in the now live in the now go by the now but have the thought of tomorrow where are you going where do you want to go how did do what it’s done how did it wind up and buy and be in partners with these massive organizations because they talked it they walked it and they showed it and people said oh I want to be with them that’s exactly why they knew where they were going and anybody in an organization looks at on path and they go holy cow look what they’ve done.

Look where they’re going look what they care about look what they’ve done before they even launched trust me is it’s not brain surgery they’re all doing it they all want to be part of it so be happy that is us when you see those Awards you see people contracts being signed that’s a contract for you and me anyway I didn’t have anything else turn it over to Red thanks very much.

Marty and hi Chris how you doing for those in the chat who are saying any updates on the cards if you go to the beginning of this video on the recording which will be up on the YouTube channels later all the information with that is there the company do know and they’re working on it guys and as soon as we know we will let you know it’s also great to see in the chat as well the the many people that have also received a withdrawal to their cryptocurrency as well that’s what it’s all about guys It Ain’t About Us.

Lot here it’s about the people in the chat who have actioned a withdrawal and they have received it into their crypto wallets this is what this is the start this is exactly how ONPASSIVE is working and congratulations to all of you that have received a withdrawal it’s just the start it really really is so let’s go over then uh what has been happening in ONPASSIVE so last Wednesday if you remember we had a little message from our CEO via Chris saying that literally hundreds of thousands of people had activated O-Connect and their accounts if they’re a Founders remember we’ve also been told that 20% of the Affiliates who have purchased O-Connect are not Founders what does that mean in real terms it means that they are part of the user group that is the pool and if you are one of the people that have activated your account as a Founder then you are in the running on the Rotator to have somebody from that pool and you might be lucky to have one of those 20% drop into your organizations which means you are instantly going to get a commission.

Now here’s the really really cool part of it if you have zero in your team right now and you have activated your account by purchasing o connect as a Founder if one of these people from the pool drop into your account and it is your first sale guess how much you’re going to get 240 USD into your o wallet why because it’s your first sale you get 100% of the commission back off your first sale and they are not a Founder so they would have paid $240 us absolutely amazing what have you done for it big fat zero all you’ve done is purchased O-Connect and the company have done all the hard work for you we estimate now in excess of two million users and Affiliates are now within that pool of the ONPASSIVE.

Okay that’s a big number guys big big number and they are going to go underneath Founders can’t put it any more simpler than that underneath Founders so the news that literally hundreds of thousands have already activated their accounts by purchasing o connect is really is phenomenal so let’s go on to Thursday, Thursday was the first day that we started seeing some error messages coming up with the card payments that was when the first time we saw it and instantly the company started working on it Friday was a holiday for the third party provider that was who is clearing all of the payments for us and they started working on it.

Saturday obviously we are waiting for an update we’ll give you guys as soon as possible remember you can pay by cryptocurrency so if you can find a way to do that then and you are still waiting that is the preferred method at the moment Sunday was a big big day in ONPASSIVE why because we had two events you probably didn’t even hear about the one event but I will bring you up to date with what it was the one we all knew about was SuperCar Majlis this is the first of the Supercars one of the Season for them why are we only starting now or why is Supercars Majlis starting now because they’re based in Dubai and it’s damn hot in the summer guys over there there you look for Aircon for right three months which is June July August and a little bit of September as well so things really don’t start kicking off in Dubai until October and this is the first one they’re going to be throughout Dubai through the winter months and also International over to Europe okay and many other countries ONPASSIVE has a partnership with Supercar Majlis for three whole years guys three years okay that was part of the function that was held on Sunday they had a meal they had a parade if you notice there was a bit on the track as well and obviously lots of photos and speeches.

Etc. COO Muhammad Kamal was front and center as always he is doing an absolutely Sterling and phenomenal job on behalf of ONPASSIVE for everything that he is doing along with CMO our chief marketing officer which was Muhammad Nazzal he’s the guy that put it all together as far as Supercars Majlis is concerned he walks in those Halls of the Supercars Elite and he is one of them as well so that is where he got us in with those and it’s a big deal guys every single one of those 500 members that they have are extremely wealthy in their own right but also successful in their own right okay it’s not ONPASSIVE that’s made them successful it is other things they see the vision these guys see what ONPASSIVE is trying to do they want to be rubbing shoulders with ONPASSIVE and that’s why we are now partnering with these guys for the next three years so the other thing that happened on Sunday which many people probably didn’t know about was through Susan in Egypt now Professor Susan who is the director of the OMedia Department she attended an evening meeting on the Sunday evening okay and this is for exchanging of joint cooperations between trade exchanges for the Arab investment and international corporation this is basically to do with the African Alliance and to promote youthfulness youth within the developing and opportunities of the countries this is a big deal guys it’s it’s to do with the collaboration of an event that’s coming up on the 30th to the 3rd of November in Sheik and it is under the title of Arab in investment and like I said this is African International cooperation and ONPASSIVE are going to be an important participant of this organization in the future I cannot emphasize enough how important Professor Susan is to ONPASSIVE why because she is a well sought off speaker that is invited to nearly every single function that is going around and she is one of the biggest advocates for ONPASSIVE wherever she goes she flies the ONPASSIVE flag she talks about the technology that we are developing and what we are trying to do not just from a business sense but also from a humanitarian point of view this is her passion and this is why she loves work working alongside ONPASSIVE because it gives her the muscle to be able to re realize her dreams as far as helping humanity is concerned through ONPASSIVE so it really has been a big deal.

Monday came around normally what happens on a Monday we get our website it wasn’t their Monday obviously they were working behind the scenes but we saw it on Tuesday now what a great website it is few changes in there I noticed that they actually put two extra pages in there on the scrolling normally there’s only three and then you have the offices and how to pay at the bottom but this time there was five pages within it and I love the way that they are incorporating Now laptops and the mobile phone with the moving videos within them excuse me and also two very important parts of call from the ONPASSIVE website that you should be checking out and that is Media Center and the blogs section okay these are always updated on a daily basis if you go to the media center okay there’s lots

of information but more importantly there is loads of videos there’s one tab on there that says videos go there you can share all of that information guys okay you can put it on your YouTube you can put it on Facebook doesn’t really matter all right so it is all there for you to use if you are doing any marketing if you’re doing any sharing you can share all of those as well the blog C the blog area that’s a standalone website as well on its own it will send you to a separate page and it’s definitely worth checking out as

Marty said earlier they use a lot of these blogs on Twitter but if you want to go and read them they’re not just a about ONPASSIVE and this is the beauty about it why because it’s giving you knowledge of the environment that ONPASSIVE are working in from a technology point of view it’s telling you about other Trends other organizations that are doing things new inventions that aren’t anything to do with ONPASSIVE this is all part of that blog section it certainly is worth a read and here we are on Wednesday with another ONPASSIVE 360 bringing you the updates and obviously we do our very best to give you the correct information and obviously when we know it is divulged through the three of us to you guys that’s it from me over to you Chris.

Sorry, thank you Red very good thank you Marty always good to see him I’m giggling because just a minute ago everyone’s talking about this you know the alarm that goes off and I said man I think it’s going to happen luckily Red was talking when mine went off and Marty said the same thing his went off it was probably 10 seconds long and then I thought about I don’t I don’t have a lot to say today but I want to tell you a little bit what’s on my mind what’s on my heart um that alarm right there is is to let us know if something bad’s happening you know make sure it works and I’m thinking that’s how quick life is sometimes you know I’ve worked my whole life, I know Red Marty worked their whole lives everyone’s pretty much worked their whole lives and and if you think about it most of us and ONPASSIVE are 50 (years) and up now we got some little younger ones in there and I’m thinking that my life right now is pretty content there sure there’s things I’ve always wanted to do I don’t know if I’ll get there because there’s a lot more important things I need to do before I get there and one thing I realiz is if I walk out my door today and something happens to me God forbid my family is going to be well taken care of and that’s the most important thing in my life right now all right that’s what I love about it like I said I gave 32 years plus of Ford and Mazda my life my life I gave them my life if I would die tomorrow today an hour from now my family gets nothing from them nothing Ford 32 years I’ve given a ONPASSIVE about three and a half years of my life and when I die it’s gonna keep giving my family not only did I sign my family up for Founders but my kids right now I think my kids are gonna be the luckiest kids in the world if you’re a founder and you have kids I think you’re thinking the same thing no company in the world offers anything like this nothing to keep your legacy see your name going it’s like I can use an example this way when you were in high school you know I remember when I got my first letter jacket I wasn’t even good at sports but I played them but I remember just seeing these kids walk around these letter jackets how cool they looked man I just I just want to be that cool dude or then I turn on television and I’m watching these these rich families travel the world and they’re always smiling and they’re happy.

And it’s like there’s no stress in their lives because it seems like everything just happens good for them all right we’re the ones wearing the letter jackets now guys we’re the ones that soon are going to start enjoying things because that’s what life was really supposed to be about enjoying it now last couple days we’ve been doing some crazy things on the Ominoo show by the way which is always fun we do trivia and I’ve never been a trivia person but I’m really starting to learn a lot of things uh and it’s changed my way ONPASSIVE and the founders and the boss and the Muhammads they’ve all change my mindset from listening to other people who have it a lot worse than I could even think about to one guy who said together we could change the world you just got to believe in it and it’s going to happen now that is happening right now it’s happening right now most people out there look say I’m gonna say 80% of people right now are at work they don’t like their job they’re miserable and if you do like your job God bless you they’re miserable right now football football season’s coming in for the kids in high schools and right now there’s a bunch of moms or dads who have to work the third shift and they know they’re going to be watching their kids game through a through a phone or a cam that was my life and ONPASSIVE is going to change that.

Listen we always had to work we knew it sometimes as people used to say you got the greatest job in the world well not when you got to work all night long you don’t and not when you don’t can’t put your kids to bed and not when you can’t watch them whether it be the dance or the football game basketball whatever was wrestling and you couldn’t be there because you had had to work why did you have to work because you knew you had to you had to pay for some of that stuff for their clothes for their equipment for food and and that’s what I love about imp passive because three of us right here just now I realized changed thousands of people’s lives and I’m including all of you that’s watching this or who are founders you’re changing people’s lives and you don’t really think about it because right now you’re still thinking about just yourself which is okay think about all the lives you’ve touched whether you’ve been in this for over five years three years or two years and think about the lives that you’re going to touch for the rest of your life but think about your family always first and what it’s going to do for them it’s an amazing thing and every day I still got to pinch myself realizing who the hell am I what did I do that I have this honor to talk to thousands of people a day about simply I want to help you help get a better life that’s that’s exactly the message I always hear from Mufareh man I just want to help you guys have a better life period I if I could use what’s the best line front passive is we want you to have better lives we care about you you’re not a number you’re not gonna get laid off I’m never gonna cut you because my money might get cut think about that every negative thing that you could think about in your workplace right now doesn’t happen in ONPASSIVE all right we are just about to blow this world up and I mean with a beautiful thing with this this thing called O-Connect O-Tracker O-Cademy.

Yep all this stuff is going to keep coming our way all right people right now are seeing commissions like Marty said like Red and Ash said last week over a 100,000 and what you didn’t know I found out and let me see if I can remember the numbers I think it was I face 180 something thousand people signed up for O-Connect this was last week and 12,000 of them were customers all right they weren’t even Founders they got in this why because people like you are out there saying it’s an amazing company you want to change your life you could sit there and go to work that’s what I tell people now keep working I don’t care I just thought you want to know about it this company will set records for everything I’m not talking about just wealth I’m talking about compassion and passion taking that Average Joe or Jane and saying listen you’re staying home with your kids now and that’ll probably drive you crazy for a while I guarantee it but to know that you’re gonna have that option to do that see the option is still there you could still go to work if you want and make a little extra money that would be your side hustle and passive is your main one no one’s telling you you can’t do this no one’s telling you have to pay for something we have a little thing going on with the cards but I’m going to tell you what I got three people yesterday who learned how to do crypto and like Marty and Red said today you know I jump on the Kraken and you know what I did it and it wasn’t that hard but you just got Marty made a great video actually last week I I followed that too it’s very just follow the steps there’s more to come guys a lot of people this morning I woke up with over 200 questions from around the world Chris what’s going on what’s Happening here let me tell you the truth what’s happening the truth is you’re going to continue your day as you normally would in other words if you got a job you’re going to go to work if you’re retired you might go fishing if you’re a gardener you’ll be playing in the garden your life just let it still be the same until all this all this just gets climbing and climbing and climbing because once it starts and I believe it already has it’s never gonna stop we’re all we’re all flustered over one product and when I say flustered I mean flustered I already said it a couple minutes ago none of us know even when I try to sit down and play with a calculator or think about things this I got a big calculator right here and I play with it all day just to say oh my gosh there’s not enough buttons on this calculator all right you’re all to need a bigger boat let’s put it that way you’re all going to need a bigger boat that’s what ONPASSIVE is solution to fix I think every problem in the world but the first problem is fixing your family making sure you can spend time with them making sure your kids can go play those Sports because it costs money these days making sure that you could fill your gas tank all the way up not throw $3 in and get about a bucket a gallon and a half of gas how many of you out there right now would just love to go to the gas station put that puppy in the in the nozzle and just fill it up and not think about it again.

Marty used to say and we rely on Marty because Marty said a lot of great things in the last three and a half years I’ve known him he said I just never want to have to worry about money put that nozzle in the car or your boat or your Harley or your trailer or your truck and let it ride until you hear it click that means it’s full boom you paid for it how you know how many people a week and this is the honest to God truth because I was one of them years ago worried about man I don’t even know if I got enough money to fill my truck up to get to work it was a stress every week I had oh my God I don’t know if I’m going be able to do it I that was the honest to God truth right now there’s people stressing because they only got a few dollars in their pocket just to get to work they’re not thinking about getting to the football game with Susie or Bobby or the dance that’s what’s happening this is why I’m ONPASSIVE so great when someone tells me why I’m ONPASSIVE. I said I could give you a million reasons but I want you to sit down and think about everything that’s wrong in your life every time you got a stress or rush there’s no rush in an ONPASSIVE it’s sit back take your time watch Ash Mufareh (CEO) the Tech team OMedia the Muhammads work their tail ends off while we sit and do absolutely nothing stop stressing about getting your account in it’s gonna happen once it does it’s going to be a landfall that’s all I got today Marty Red back to you go ahead I’m sorry I was doing something no fantastic we all covered everything Chris thank you so much thank you so much for not having anything and Red thanks for the update that always comes in handy for me too.

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