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ONPASSIVE 360 Show September 27

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ONPASSIVE is set to show first results in September 2023. See the amazing results it can bring to your business.

Receiving commissions it’s a very good idea to be in it and Win It to Win It you gotta pay for products look the company build us the biggest mall in the world.
If you don’t have anything stored on your shelves How You Gonna sell anything and you need to own it to be able to sell it and make a commission so I was saying on my live that it’s very important that we get rid of the custom mentality, customer being a customer because you can’t look at things and say how much does it cost and how much can I save you come in with a different one is what can I make what could it do for me what can I do for my family that’s a different way to look at it and with ONPASSIVE but one thing the cost is should be illegal because it’s given to us even somebody that comes in as a customer not a founder.

O-Connect 250 dollars for three months they give you 10 dollars back so that’s 240 for three months for 10 000 capacity attendee 100 people on the panel 25 cameras on at a time I’ve told people this is for all of you, you want to get friends and family and tell them to come in you want them to try out the panel for themselves let them have fun (CEO) Ash brought this up the other day it’s a very good idea have them come in let them play with it while you’re there but you know when you see all the controls and stuff at the bottom of this cockpit you’re going to want to fly this jet that’s for sure a couple things we’re all we’re all three of us going to touch on I’m sure is the the update that was posted yesterday or day before I can’t remember days anymore that’s okay it was pretty powerful you read it it’s pretty powerful things that went on the last few days some of the agreements that were signed were getting better detail from the company I’m sure when we have this webinar that sounds like it’s going to be scheduled could be tomorrow could be Friday could be Saturday and I think we’ll be updated on a lot of that and it goes without saying everything they do is bigger and better than what they’ve done before and what they’ve done before is massive so I’m going to turn it over to Red I can add something at the end but I’m really stoked to be here I have invited a few people in myself Mike and Dan and 20 of them that aren’t Founders click the button to be a affiliate that’s a big deal people see what it is and I said this down I want to say this again there are millions of people out there that that are so called Affiliates okay they’re in businesses they got online to make money when they see ONPASSIVE they’re all coming in no doubt about it that has nothing to do with happiness cell charm or we got to talk him into it when they find out what’s going on in unpleasant they’re coming all of them because what they’re missing ONPASSIVE has guaranteed I know Red’s seen it we’ve done it what we have is what they’re looking for and everything they need and it’s going to even get bigger and better so let me turn it over to Red and thank you guys for being here too love working with you guys we’ve been doing this over a year now believe it or not and I really enjoy it but anyway here’s Red thanks very much Marty.

Chris how you doing nice to be back on in the UK Jane and I will bring you up to date with Greece travel, travels that we had on Monday fun day but let’s get into ONPASSIVE business straight off the bat so seven days ago we had ONPASSIVE 360 show on our very first O-Connect ONPASSIVE 360. I brought you some excellent updates I was on the phone for quite a while live in front of Martin Chris.

if you remember too CEO Ash Mufareh and he gave us all some amazing updates which I shared with you and then he turned up as well didn’t he on 360 show to update us even more about what was going on and what has been going on in seven days in ONPASSIVE well Wednesday we saw our CEO Ash Mufareh on 360 and then on Friday the 21st September we had via O-Media we saw a fantastic event in combination with Taqdeer event and we will get more information about what exactly went on with that and the collaboration that we’ve got with this new company and what it’s all about and why it means such a big deal.

ONPASSIVE will bring us all up to date with that and our COO Mohammed Kamal was there and some huge dignitaries and I mean huge dignitaries and again our CEO Ash will bring us up to date with it what exactly went on there then we had the weekend and if you noticed over the weekend period the chat bot icon remember the little floating guy that you see normally in that bottom right hand corner of your ecosystem that guy changed and also the color got changed of it as well to the bottom left-hand side of the ecosystem color was changed and there is also some highlights within it as well upgraded this is all part of what is happening in combination with O-Desk being rolled out because actually the chatbot is slightly to do with that as well also at the same time you noticed that the ticker for the updates was removed at the same time and that was out of action for two three days over the weekend period.

Monday came and we had a brand new website really early on Monday that was there and then we also had later on the evening of Monday we had a fantastic update which we’re going to talk to you about today if you want to go and view that update in its full Glory all you got to do is log into your EcoSystem look for the ticker in the top middle of your page and you can scroll down it’s actually two pages it’s got a left and right arrow as well so there’s too many messages on there but you need to scroll up and down on the one message to get the full message and to the right as well to get the other message which is there as well but it’s safe to say what is been written there is phenomenal and I know that Chris has just been given some wow information from our CEO that he’s going to bring to us as well but I’m just going to piggyback on what Marty was saying about payments that we’ve been waiting guys for this we’ve been waiting for the commercial side of ONPASSIVE to launch and for many of us in fact tomorrow is my fifth anniversary in ONPASSIVE been waiting a very long time to have this and it really baffles me that there is still people who are a little bit standoffish or they’re not quite sure whether to purchase O-Connect and get their business going.

Remember it’s not just about purchasing O-Connect the purchase of O-Connect also activates your Founder’s account it makes you in it to win it okay it’s not just about being a founder and being part of ONPASSIVE activating your account by purchasing O-Connect for that 143 dollars (from founders) means you are in it means that you are going to benefit for air from everything that the company is going to do for you in this first phase (sharing customers) if you have not activated your account then you might not be part of this first phase that the company are going to do for us to what extent it’s going to work out for Founders in this first phase we don’t know because we haven’t been given the full details but I know one thing for sure.

However many accounts that I have had I have worked out a strategy for those accounts and I’m gonna stick to my strategy and my strategy is to give myself the best possible opportunity within those accounts that I possibly can for myself and my family by activating those accounts plain and simple otherwise what’s the point of having them zero you there’s just no other another way I can say this if you have got multiple accounts activate them there’s no point sitting on the fence waiting to see what might or might not happen because that wasn’t your game plan was it?

Be realistic with yourself your game plan was to activate those accounts to give yourself the best possible chance of making your residual income for yourself and your family so get activating give yourself the best opportunity and you certainly will not agree regret it because I am convinced that the company are going to do their very very best to make sure that people who have activated their accounts are the ones that are going to benefit the most that’s all I got for you guys over to you Chris.

Well thank you Red thank you Marty So right away because everyone’s asking me what asked before I just text to our CEO Ash this morning and and I’m only asked in one question because Ash is planning on doing a corporate webinar we don’t know. I did ask him this morning I texted him I said can you give us a percentage of how many Founders have paid for the first paid product and his answer was: yes brother hundreds of thousands have paid for O-Connect right now hundreds of thousands and he said not all founders there’s a ton of non-funding members too okay so that gives you and that’s all I need that’s all that’s enough don’t tell me no more my heart’s my heart’s going boom again.

Syria before we done anything Ash Mufareh seen it and he said ONPASSIVE set truckloads of supplies to this country but then they were all tired he asked for volunteers they stayed up all night what do we got to do we need to help these people.

Okay this is what Ash Mufareh created when he startling ONPASSIVE the same mindset as we can do better we there’s no company that’s built on a heart let’s do it this way totally different totally unique.

The day you started getting serious with a ONPASSIVE means you are willing and caring enough to help your family and humanity out this is what getting serious it means we have everything that everyone needs they just have to reach out and grab it to be honest with you.

Did I mention he’s (ONPASSIVE) given already three free products. (O-Mail, O-Trim & O-Net)

I believe the company has given me and everybody else that wanted to create a business online they have advertised my business on the on the Burj Khalifa many times many months to come they have hired people all over the world to work for me 24/7 Every day every minute every hour, they have opened buildings and offices in many locations for my business all over the world and I didn’t pay anything.

So if you really want to know what they’ve done for me they handed me potentially a multi-million dollar company for nothing so and if you look at it everybody watching this anybody that’s a founder that’s what they did for all of us you know some people say we’re Partners my God I don’t want to be a partner I don’t have the money to pay the bill now you know let’s be careful what we think we are very fortunate to be Founders or whatever name that we have but all the heavy lifting all the bills that were paid all the bills that are being paid right now are being done for me and Red and Chris and a million other people and we didn’t have to do anything so when people say thank you for all you do I’m embarrassed to ex to even pretend I did anything I did whatever I wanted to do it cost me nothing and I have potentially a multi-billion dollar business that is being advertised for me.

Every minute of every day my business is being advertised in all the malls in the (UAE) my business is being advertised on one of the most populated train stations in the world for me that’s what impossible has done for me and if you look at it for all of us so really wrap your head around it it’s not just about yeah they give me the 97 dollars back it’s Non-Stop whatever they do they signed Partnerships in the last few days I don’t know the details we’ll find out they signed a partnership for me I didn’t have to fly to Dubai I didn’t have to lay one brick I didn’t have to pay one bill I didn’t have to do squat I sit in New Jersey and I chat with people every day and this is all done for me while I’m sleeping this was done for complete strangers by a company that was started by Mr Mufareh who thought what if I can Empower people good-hearted people what would they do with that empowerment I’ll tell you what we’re going to do we’re going to heal the world and we’re not a Band-Aid we were taught that along we’re not charity. Charities don’t work let’s be truthful name a charity that works it’s a Band-Aid a ONPASSIVE was built to make things change not things to look different or cover them up with something we’re here to make a change so that’s what was given me it was giving me the opportunity to be part of something.

There’s no way on God’s green earth that I would have ever been part of no freaking way and all of us when you really sit down and you’re thinking about what the accompany has done for us really think about it we talk about you know get your dreams and wipe them off and bring them out of the closet let’s think about what the company has really done for us because every time you hear about a webinar or some kind of thing on the Burj Khalifa or are they signed a contract or or were doing something with these Supercar Majlis they’re doing that for me they’re doing that for everybody here it’s not listen they didn’t need me to do that if they did they would have asked me for a few hundred million dollars I don’t have it I don’t even know what that is but no I mean I it wouldn’t have happened when none of us could afford it we couldn’t afford what happened if we all put our money in all of us everything so that’s what was really done for me and I don’t want to talk for everybody else but I believe everybody feels that way anyway that’s all I have one more thing I forgot you guys ONPASSIVE is something that everyone needs.

Yep I paid for my first product (O-Connect) I started up my business you want to do some crazy stuff like that I love it like you said or like I said hundreds of thousands have people have already paid don’t sell yourself short guys get your stuff paid for but if you know do it wisely you can budget it out you’re gonna see a here in the next few days I think you’re gonna see all kind of messages of people getting it right to their bank or to their crypto a lot of people ask me that every day I’m going to tell you I’ve not taken a withdrawal yet I’m gonna sit back and wait because it’s so exciting watching it go but the thrill I’ll say it again.

The Thrill Is Us three guys watching you guys grow and grow and grow because you’re all going to be driving me crazy at that point I have a feeling Chris I got another one I already have another one Red I got another one and that’s kind of how we work we still are but you know we’re trying to keep it cool and calm but practice in your lifetime right now practice good there’s a lot of bad things out there that are just not good and I stay away from those things I believe that if you keep your life clean and positive and ethical exactly like a ONPASSIVE is your life goes so much better put God first always I say but I want to say I’m so proud to be on this panel with these two guys which I love with all my heart but just to be in a position where in my entire life I’ve never thought I’d be absolutely Amen to God and Ash Mufareh and the team thank you I can’t wait for the corporate webinar because I want to see what you got but I already know what we got man back to you Marty.

Red you’re done no just one more thing what I wanted to say is please guys remember O-Connect is one product okay this is what we’ve opened our doors with this is what we are starting with but that is not just your business everything else that the company are going to put on the table for you is part of your business expand your horizons of what is possible okay O-Connect is not the only possibility there is going to be O-Desk there’s going to be O-Verify there’s going to be the HR products (O-Staff) there’s going to be O-Cademy (educational platform) there’s going to be O-Bless there’s going to be all sorts of things that are going to be coming our way to expand your business.

Okay so let’s just think a little bit about this we have started with this why because it is such an integral part of lots of other products of ONPASSIVE we need to have O-Connect because of other products that’s why we’ve opened the doors with it but it is not what ONPASSIVE is all about that one product there is so much more this is what we started with it is so exciting just with what we have right now we could build a business just with this one product but that is not what ONPASSIVE is looking for we’re gonna dominate every single sector of the internet just wrap your head around about that over to you Marty.

Fantastic I’m gonna wrap it up then I want to thank everybody for being here all right we will yeah are you gonna everyone’s asking me are you gonna put this on the YouTube and put in the back office for people yeah because some people had a little bit of an issue yeah anyway I want to say goodbye to everybody thanks Red Chris we’ll be back next week.

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