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ONPASSIVE: AI, Commissions and OConnect Unveiled

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ONPASSIVE: AI, Commissions and OConnect Unveiled. This video discusses a range of topics related to the ONPASSIVE company, including updates on the commissions process, OConnect status, and progress in artificial intelligence (AI). CEO Mr. Mufareh addresses the commission payout process, highlighting the steps involved and the company’s decision to not accept more payments until the balance is cleared.
He mentions legal validation of pay structures and the challenges in gaining international acceptance due to perceived generosity and disruption. The company has been creating a foundation to control the commission process and emphasizes transparency and integrity.
Mr. Mufareh also discusses the significance of AI as a global race and the company’s position in the AI field, emphasizing a focus on creating value rather than financial gain.
Other team members, including Mr. Mourad, Mr. Kamal, and Mr. Nazzal, provide updates on OConnect’s development, OVerify application, and the onboarding of AI experts. The company expresses excitement about the development of AI features and the forthcoming events in March Dubai. The team is described as being comprised of experts and leaders in the field. The video conveys a sense of confidence and pride in the company’s direction and work, highlighting a commitment to transparency and creating value in AI.

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