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ONPASSIVE awesome AI updates with CEO

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ONPASSIVE awesome updates with CEO
In this exciting video, we dive deep into the latest updates from ONPASSIVE on AI, commissions, and OConnect! Join us as we bring you exclusive insights straight from the ONPASSIVE team. Discover how AI is revolutionizing the way we do business, uncover the secrets behind the impressive commission structure, and learn all about the amazing features of OConnect. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this! So, grab your popcorn and join us on this fascinating journey. Don’t forget to like and share this video to spread the knowledge! #ONPASSIVE #AI #commissions #OConnect #updates

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Webinar summary

ONPASSIVE Company CEO Mr Mufareh: I’m going to cover on the commissions process I’m going to co cover on the OConnect status and Mr Mourad will touch up on that we’re going to cover also on some major major progress in the AI I think it’s rather so far in 2024 the biggest phase that we’ve achieved or a mile stone that we’ve achieved already in 2024 and COO Mr Kamal will touch up on that but let me go quickly I think everybody’s waiting for that payout commissions is already in the process there are some steps we didn’t wish to do but unfortunately we’re not finding a way to bypass them such as people are going to have to go through their email process verify and also get a KYC process it’s not OVerify platform yet, so we didn’t want to do that because we’re going to double the process with over verify again unfortunately in the meantime so we don’t slow this anymore until a couple of hopefully weeks where we are able to bypass that but in in the next week or two we’re going to have to go through this and again we have a certain you know structure for those who get paid now so everything is is fine you don’t need to do anything except watching your email OMail and the alternative email every day okay, because you don’t want to have us processing your pending withdraw and you not respond or not verify that and then it will sit there and it will mess up our calculation another thing I want to mention something about the commissions truthfully one of the reasons we’re not opening more products and not letting you pay a again for OConnect platform if you do the math it’s been nearly 10 months since April 2023 and we are in April and February so nearly 10 months for those who paid either 93 dollars or 143 dollars if you do the math is almost a giveaway plus the founding members previously and in the early birds we call them they got 97 dollars returned credited back to them we’re leaving out Millions hundreds of millions if I’m not exaggerating here for one reason is we’re not going to take more money until we clear the balance it’s as transparent I could be with you okay plus we wanted to give the longest chance for those who couldn’t work a payment at this point if you didn’t make it I don’t think you’re going to make a payment so that’s why we pause now, yeah we still have the crypto open but again for a very limited time and then there’s no more this price and there’s no more accepting with this with the next time we’re going to sell OConnect is going to be more likely a different price and the new release and engineer Mourad is going to touch up on that so one more thing I’m going to touch up on the commissions because I know more people are going to be interested in this session.

Few years I really personally planned a variety of pay structures and because of the magnitude of our Network and our work and our business we had to validate everything through the legal process you I cannot tell you the number because I really don’t have a number specifically but I I can count one day but numerous of structures have been shared with our legal teams here and abroad to make sure that this would be okay globally and the reason we check is because we know it’s disruptive and it’s too good it sounds like there is a catch in it so rather before we go to work and and announce it we take that time to validate it through or among our legal team now what happened is sometimes it is accepted in some countries but not accepted in others sometimes it is accepted there’s no law that says no you cannot do this but they say, no you’re just being sneaky smart Okay and we’re just skeptical all right it there’s on papers is is not illegal okay but but we sense that you’re just given too much and that cannot be real so we have to do that now so we’ve tried to try try to and I had really disruptive ideas like I thought this goes to the market is going to blow everything up but here’s what we know it looks like a couple of people are really ticked but by what we’re doing internally externally I mean on board and and you know Outsiders as well and they work so hard to also provide that information and nfuse it with poison unfortunately so that has been a setback it preventing us from doing what we wanted to do but in the meantime make can us work harder to find more clever ways to really have no loophole so in a way if you think about it logically it’s so good that is happening now so because you don’t want to go to the test while you’re live in the market and this has been a maintenance process.
So there’s nothing you could expect more from our efforts people don’t do this for a living they don’t do it as a job they do it because they really want to do it because they know they’re making a difference and we’re doing it with them and these people are intelligent and these people are very talented they’re qualified you know what they left okay and why they’re doing this and now they travel abroad you know East West because of what we’re building, because of that we became also another target, we going to touch up that as well a little bit of of the Artificial intelligence then then I’m going to let them speak but one more thing about the commissions okay that it made us be more creative more clever and have to do the foundations something was not in the calculation that we have to completely build okay that is a huge process most companies would never have to do that because they’re not as big or not being targeted okay they just grew up organically over decades so they didn’t really tease anybody, so the solution was only to build the foundation that we can 100% control the process I don’t want you to understand the details because I cannot say them, but if you’re listening or you’re paying attention you know what I’m talking about so we have to build that foundation in order to achieve our dream before your dream is how we want to pay you at the end of the day we could just put a very fancy price on our products and go and we don’t have to give you anything if you think we can market you’re damn right so we are not in need for that it just being transparent keeping the integrity and it’s our passion we’re not going to lift up Humanity by being wealthy ourselves the only way we can do that is by lifting up Humanity by touching every every soul and every individual we can reach we became a true family.

So we have succeeded to build that foundation it’s not 100% done but we’re approaching the finish line once that done then anything we want to do we can do it legally and safely purely okay I want to leave it there but one of the critics we have is we’re known by our generosity we give more than we should and can I tell you the that criticism I’m going to say yes and we’re proud of it and we’re not going to change we enjoy that’s our our passion okay that’s why we’re making all of this but again the name was problematic we talked about ONPASSIVE company ONPASSIVE technology ONPASSIVE work ONPASSIVE inventions ONPASSIVE creativity ONPASSIVE hassle all of that is on our shoulders you just tap or piggy back with us and we will take you where you want to go just be on our shoulder and be in it to win it last point is AI it’s the commodity of the century it was the race to the moon Russia China and the United States in the 60’s there was a race to you know firearms stuff okay there was a raise for oil raise for technology and the dot com boom was in the 90’s in the Silicon Valley California there was a race lots of types of races about industrial Etc but and all those races ended up creating something good for Humanity because when there’s a competition there you know for you to attract the market you’ve got to sell something or a value that is attracted attractive and then one thing that for example not every country can get in that race for example oil or gold okay not every country can be in that race some countries are just not fortunate they don’t have that natural treasure but one treasure that every country on this planet possess right now and they have a chance to dominate all the leaders of the globe 220 countries round it up they understand that the bigest thing right now that is available for everyone and it’s a race for the 220 countries AI (artificial intelligence) there’s not a country I heard of no matter who it is not in that race everybody’s going there but who’s going to get there faster as countries slash companies as well who’s going to get there will lead the game and the era of AI could be the next decades or so. We understand it’s not an easy game I mean if you’re talking about SpaceX and the people behind it say Elon Musk and Tesla they’re not lack of resources whether finances or equipments and Human Resources they’re not lack of that so anything they want to achieve they could do it but here here’s something for those who pay attention why would you even dare to get in the game it’s like you would say it’s not my game I’m out of here that’s the game when we’re having the most handsome man and ONPASSIVE and then Chris Johnson walks into the room we say, I quit I’m out of here that’s the type of game we quit but in AI race everybody has a chance why we don’t quit while we have those big players Google why we don’t quit when meta or Facebook is there you have a chance how could we dare as ONPASSIVE to be a dominant player in the AI field is the missing word heart because we’re the only company that I personally know that is AI with heart and the only company that is the focus is not how much we can make complete reverse engineering everybody’s focused how much money and control can I obtain we’re not looking at that we’re looking at how much value can we create and that’s how we are a league of our own with that I’m going to give it to the gents here and whoever is ready to take over either Mr Kamal if you want to talk about that update if you’re not ready Mr Mourad can you talk about the OConnect progress because he’s taking over now and he’s leading, he’s leaving his family obviously in UAE and he’s serving the team in India in Hyderabad for fine-tuning and perfecting and completing the dream OConnect that we’re using right now.
Engineer Mourad: Hello everyone good afternoon for OConnect I just give us a fast update we are in OConnect now, our focus is perfecting, it will be the best VC system ever we are focusing in two things scalability and stability and scalability and in the new versions of course you will found a very attractive and modern design and a lot of dashboards and a lot of new features of course thanks for Mr Nazzal and his team for the amazing designs which they are providing to us to execute and let me have also one fast update about overy Mr Ash we are again working in this and we are reartic the full application and soon we’ll have a good news inshallah.

CEO Mr Ash Mufareh: thank you so much we’re in good hands, perfect thank you. Thank you everyone for your trust thank you very very shortly and and soon you’re going to hear good news and there’s much more, all right we got triple Muhammad today hello luckiest day ever I could not ask for more so go ahead Mr Muhammad Nazzal.

Mr Nazzal: Thank you sir how are you fantastic alhamdulillah Marty Mr as well Mr Kamal. Mr Ash said, things will be literally shaking everything um actually the one thing I want to add on the top of what Mr AR said anything anything negative goes on is fueling us more to be honest and this is the beauty out of it.

Mr Ash: yes yeah we are a league of our own. Mr Kamal you wanna to share something I know something super exciting we’ve been working on it since last year..

Mr Kamal: Hello everyone… we have another meeting and yesterday also have a meeting before our meeting here and webinar we have very excited meetings with people and with some big talents in the artificial intelligence fields are already joined on bassive and big team is on boarding now for AI and you will find some excited features and news very soon with a lot of things Mr Ash shared his ideas, thoughts with the new team and we have a very productive meetings it’s started since Yesterday Today Tomorrow we have a big meetings so guys be prepared for a lot of things that you will listen and you will see besides that we have also some very big prestigious events will be having in March we will not announce it now we will announce it that in the first week of March you will see a lot of things is here in Dubai is happening with Mass and you expecting a lot of things from us we know we are working all over the work and 24/7 as Mr Ash said to pay to make it everything is happen sometimes the process itself it take longer than expected because what we are doing and what we are going to make it it’s not a small H but believe me what is happening since last week and these days it’s very massive very excited everybody will be proud what you will see what you will feel and we have a lot of excited news it will come very soon so we cannot share a lot but to be honest and to say to be sure and rest assured that everything going in the right track in the right way and whatever you are dreaming what we have is bigger than your imaginations so thanks guys and wish you all the best inshallah.

Mr Ash Mufareh: thank you Mr Kamal and Mr Nazzal Mr Mourad thank you for the update I’m sure people are going to be even more excited about what’s happening I am personally extremely excited I’m going to link what Mr Kamal covered on the team that we’re on board in now I’m going to say a couple of things the heads are Einstein Style, no joke, when you see them you know we don’t keep anything under the rug yeah we’re ONPASSIVE so we’re an open book you’re going to meet them okay lots of PhD okay and professors and okay all across UK, California the states, the gulf everywhere, Hong Kong and so the heads are really Wizards like literally Einstein nerds got to have fun with them and inventors Pioneers they built companies now they’re being on boarded to ONPASSIVE think about that what could be the reason and here’s what happens when you get a pro just like when we were blessed with Mr Kamal he’s not an individual he has followers so we are confident that we can say we will really be dominant in the AI field due to the army and to the experts that are joining us. Thank you for taking us we love being with you but we’ve got to go do more business already late, listen we got this and we couldn’t be more proud We wish you could say more details but we did a good job fair job for what we can share with you all right have a good one on to the next one see you all thank you very much thanks.

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