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ONPASSIVE interview on the Egyptian TV channel Almasria – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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Here is interview at one of the main and premier Egyptian TV Channels “Almasria” Satellite TV, this channel is watched by hundreds of millions around the Arabic countries and around the world.
The interview was with one of the ONPASSIVE executives, Mr. Ashraf Mofeed is the head of the OiMedia (AI + Media) Department. This is different than O-Media.

Interview: All companies trying to get better than the next company. Like Google, it came out with something called Gemini, this not on the market yet. They contacted me just like the five big companies who control the Artificial Intelligent, when I see something new I contact them about it. Just like Gemini they came on 4 days ago and they contacted me about it. I like it automatically before I’ve seen it because I’m a Gemini. It’s so smart, jokingly he said… “the only thing missing from Gemini is to ask it to left you and move you to the other room.

Microsoft company, they went and bought 49% shares from a company called Open AI. Now if someone knows about AI and I ask them that we need to have a meeting using Zoom, they laught at me because Zoom is vintage and outdated product. Now there’s something new on the market today, it’s called O-Connect.
O-Connect for example you don’t understand Chinese, Japanese, or Indian. And you are doing a seminar with people from around the world and speaks different languages.

For example, you are speaking Egyptian Arabic and doing your presentation. O-Connect will translate to each person in attendance based on their preferred language. This is instant translations and it’s spoken to the language of your choice as attendee of the seminar you pick your own language, this is not word translation, it’s an actual language been spoken and it look like you can speak all languages. It’s like magic, people see yoy speak their own language but your mouth and lips talking in Arabic. Again they hear you speak their native language through O-Connect. He can understand you clearly, because of your face expression alone with hearing their language being spoken. Now he answers you and speak his/her own language, you don’t understand it, but it’s automatically translated back to you in Egyptian Arabic for example.

This is a revolution in communications, because it’s base on Artificial Intelligent. That’s why we are saying AI is not dangerous and it’s not evil. Anything new doesn’t eliminate or void the one before that, for example. Zoom still available to the people that don’t have much of understanding (sorry to say that), but to see the different you go on Zoom with 20 – 30 people comparing to O-Connect that have 100,000 people.
That’s 100,000 from around the world, you understand them and they understand you, if you want to upload a video, can you do that with Zoom? It’s very hard to do, sometime it works and most of the time it doesn’t.

Can this product be tried out by the public?
Yes, it’s available. Just remember that there’s nothing out there that works with AI that is Free. But it can gice you a free trial with some limitations, if you like it, then you can pay for it.

ONPASSIVE What is AI Cloud Computing in Multi Regions.
what exactly is artificial intelligence in cloud computing a revolutionary combination of Technologies is represented by the artificial intelligence Cloud also known as AI Cloud which is a combination of cloud computing platforms with artificial intelligence the combination of artificial intelligence with cloud computing allows for the seamless incorporation of AI tools algorithms and cloud services into the day-to-day operations of different organizations.

Other updates:
Firstly, congratulations we just launched our most robust and highest level of AI Cloud computing in multi-regions and its currently hosting OCONNECT.
We have been testing it for awhile and the team says its PERFECT! It’s done and completed in the first 10 days of 2024.

Secondly, another major pillar and once we achieved it, we said we would OWN the INTERNET and that news is, we are officially an accredited iCANN domain registry.

Thirdly, The AI unit under OMedia have a bunch of huge partnerships across the globe and one of the things we were able to develop over the last year specifically is having the integration of media, robots, and machines.
We will have these presentations in the next few days. Stay tuned.

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