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ONPASSIVE OnJoy platform first contracts have been signed today

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With the start of the new year 2024, the first contracts have been signed for the On Air platform for children.

OnJoy, the global kids’ platform, ignites the new year with first production deals

On-Go is the first platform of its kind for children and youth in the Arab region and it is a subsidiary of Omedia, the media arm of On-Pacific

The signing was done today at the headquarters of Onpassive in Cairo

This comes within the plan of Omedia, which it laid out to launch the first digital platform for children and youth in the Arab region, which is interested in providing specialized, excellent, safe and fun content at the same time for children and youth.

This contract promises to begin the exclusive production of the works that will be presented on the platform

In the presence of Professor Suzan Al-Qalini, the CEO of Omedia, the media arm of ONPASSIVE, the head of On Joy platform via Zoom, Dr. Tariq Tantawi, the CEO of ONPASSIVE Egypt, the representatives of production companies, and the staff of On Joy platform, Attia Adel Khairi, the technical director

For “On Joy” platform, Hani Abdel Khaliq, the platform’s project manager, Mustafa Hussein, the platform production sector manager, Jihan Hafiz, the platform’ s media coordinator.

It is mentioned that Professor Susan Al-Qalini laid the foundation stone and the idea of creating the “On Joy” platform, believing in the message of digital media and the role of modern platforms in solidifying Arab principles and values in the minds of children and youth, in order to respond to any misguided ideas broadcast from abroad to mislead the Arab countrymen.

The “One Joy” platform includes a variety of works including exclusive production, available production, and subscriber as well as live works with drama and programs within the platform’s plan for age groups for children and young people aged 0 – 18 years.

The platform is also interested in providing health and educational awareness to mothers.

He mentions that this platform is the first of its kind in the Arab world.

The signing ceremony, held at ONPASSIVE Cairo branch , saw the participation of distinguished figures like Professor Suzan Elkalliny, Executive Director of O-Media and President of OnJoy platform, Dr. Tarek Tantawi, Executive Director of ONPASSIVE Egypt, representatives from production companies, and the dedicated OnJoy team. Atteya adel khairy-Technical Director,Hani abdl khalek-projects manager , mostafa hussien-production manager , gehan hafez-media coordinator

Professor Suzan Elkalliny , the visionary behind OnJoy, established the platform with a firm belief in the power of digital media to shape young minds. OnJoy will provide children with positive values, build cultural identity, and spark imagination across the globe.

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