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ONPASSIVE: The AI Revolution Against Poverty

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The AI Revolution Against Poverty. In mid 2018 or thereabouts, a certain Ash Mufareh (an IT and E-marketing guru) nursed a business idea which morphed into an Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Information Technology (IT) company called ONPASSIVE, the problem of uneven distribution of wealth was a key part of his thinking.

In other words, Mr Mufareh and ONPASSIVE made bold to begin laying the groundwork for addressing this tricky centuries-old problem of poverty by injecting humanity into the business planning and structures in ways that are smartly innovative and morally upbeat.

THE VISION ONPASSIVE is, admittedly, a massive business idea which includes dozens of IT products and portfolios all driven by AI. Its products and services amount to a Total Internet Solution; a One-Stop Shop, so to speak.

Apparently, ONPASSIVE’S vision is embedded in these questions and and shows that innovation is Mufareh’s thing. He kept ONPASSIVE away from the millionaires of Wall Street and opened it up to ordinary people in the nooks and crannies of the the world, in 212 territories, states and countries.

ONPASSIVE’S top brass and other associates have frequently referred to Mr. Mufareh asa man with a heart” they have come to know and to love. They also refer to ONPASSIVE as a company with a heart.

In effect, ONPASSIVE has settled fairly firmly on the vision that sharing wealth with a large community of founders and resellers around the world in a fair, equitable and generous manner is much better than occasional charity and hand outs.

Mr Mufareh himself has emphasized this point more directly. Accumulating mountains of wealth in the midst of generalised poverty cannot give genuine satisfaction and fulfilment. Impacting lives does. And ONPASSIVE, with humanity already in its DNA, seems set to do just that.

An individual or company, for instance, inspired by ONPASSIVE’s model or pressured by the public to be more humane or even just the urge to be competitive can do so according to its size and space. That space can be a household, a neighbourhood, a village, a town, a country, a sub region or a continent. Imagine that in the private sector the ONPASSIVE model is replicated in all fields and spaces and across the board. And think of the drastic changes in the lives of millions of people working in the retail chains, the hotel industry, in banking, in the auto industry, the airlines, etc.

Again, imagine the example of ONPASSIVE influencing governments to be more people friendly and to open up affordable shares with generous commissions in state owned companies to its workers and other poor people.

In addition to their salaries, the shares and their commissions will make their lives more meaningful in a significant way.

the ONPASSIVE revolution promises to be better in its results than the decades of development schemes that often ended up being entangled in the web of corrupt bureaucracies or mismanaged by government ineptitude.

We can speculate conservatively that within the first ten (10) years of its launching, ONPASSIVE would have made between 1.5 and 2 million millionaires, spread across the different states and countries of the world. The impact of this, especially its fairly even distribution will simply be extraordinary. This could be in far flung villages, in cities and their slumps or even in refugee communities and helping to improve on their education, nutrition, health, agriculture, etc.

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