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Owning Your Domain – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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Owning Your Domain. The article discusses the concept of owning one’s domain in the context of ONPASSIVE, emphasizing the significance of providing users with full ownership and control over their digital property. It highlights the uniqueness and credibility that such ownership grants, with the assertion that individuals will have ownership of their properties within the ONPASSIVE ecosystem. The CEO emphasizes that ONPASSIVE’s approach is not to compete with existing platforms like Amazon, but rather to offer a different lane that organizes and professionalizes the digital landscape.

The article stresses the convenience and accessibility of the ONPASSIVE platform, offering a comprehensive suite of services on users’ own domain names. This approach is presented as a means of enabling individuals to interact and exchange business activities within the ONPASSIVE ecosystem, emphasizing the platform’s focus on providing value and recognition to individual users. Furthermore, the article highlights the potential for users to become affiliated with ONPASSIVE, enabling them to benefit from the traffic and activity generated on their domain names. The CEO Ash Mufareh emphasizes the importance of having a domain name and the significance of owning one’s business on their own unique address. Additionally, the article underscores the long-term benefits of maintaining a stable and steady identity through one’s domain name, fostering trust and credibility in business relationships. The CEO also shares personal experiences related to the domain industry and the journey of establishing ONPASSIVE. The article concludes by emphasizing the value of having a stable identity and location in the digital space, promoting trust and credibility in business interactions.

ONPASSIVE – Owning Your Domain – CEO Ash Mufareh (January 2024)

On our property and that’s a genuine for those who understand if ONPASSIVE was interested in their benefit self’s serving popularity or you know monetization when it comes to money and all of that if we’re interested in that we’re going to push all the traffic to onpassive.com or one single domain name regardless of the location but the fact for who understand the logic for those who understand the logic the fact that we said no you’re the hero, this is your property we’re going to build on your property that you have full ownership of okay it’s Unique to you like your Social Security whatever and that gives us the ultimate uniqueness and credibility as it’s all about you and it becomes a beautiful show after that when you have those hundreds of millions of locations when I say you’re going to own the market or we’re going to own the internet, yes literally.

Because you’re the biggest crowd and any other location is just one location but anything that is linked to our business you’re talking about hundreds of millions of domain names multiply that by hundreds of pages billions and everything leads to Rome so we are the biggest crowd and the biggest open market and if you want to go anywhere let’s say down the road you’re not going to go far without a ONPASSIVE this is the biggest crowd this is the biggest mall this is the biggest marketplace where most of the commerce is going to go there now somebody’s going to think okay so we’re going to replace Amazon -we’re totally different totally.

I’m talking about you. So we want everybody to have their unique value and we’re not in a clash or contradiction with anyone we have just a different game a different lane of our own and everybody else but in fact it will help them it just sort of organizing everybody in one place instead of like an open random wild wilderness like people have no idea where to go and they’re just fighting each other just we’re organizing this in such a professional way thanks to the new technologies thanks to the expertise we have and thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) we’re able to organize and categorize this in such a beautiful easy way where people come and have fun, okay.

Owning your domain. You just go to the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem or use our mobile application, just open you have it open all the time, that’s it you’re connected to anything.
You want to communicate, it’s there, you want to transfer money, it’s there, you want to have a classing something it’s there, you want to learn how to do it’s there, you want to host, you want to do a business, you want to manage your staff, you want to run a shop it’s there, everything you need in One Stop Shop. And the best part we’re installing that on your own domain name it starts with you, you’re the hero we’re not telling you send traffic to onpassive.com this is your business.

ONPASSIVE is sending traffic to your own domain and it’s allowing you to interact and exchange business and activities within our sphere our Ecosystem. You got something to sell? Go for it. It’s a massive market, so I’m going to have to tell you something. Now you’re going to be a very good or let’s put it this way you should be now educated on how to evaluate a proper business model.

So let’s say somebody invites you they send you a video or an email or a link to look at one thing, you want to look at..
Do you get your own property or you going to have to send them traffic to their own property, when I say property is their web address is the domain name, if the question you’re going to have to send them traffic you’re not benefiting yourself. You’re benefiting them if you come across a business model that tell you go far we’re going to give your own identity and don’t send us traffic just send it to yourself and if you want to buy traffic we’ll send the traffic to yourself to your location that’s a clean business model and that’s the only business model I would do.

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