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The Secret to Customer Retention – Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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Redefining Value: The Secret to Customer Retention. In the end, all kinds of marketing-related data do not matter much, a common wrong way is to think about how much money a customer can generate for you or your company.

The right way is to think about how much more value you can give the customer with your own product or service. When the customer has received enough value, he automatically remains a customer and brings you and your company more customers through his own positive experience.

So you shouldn’t go ahead of greed, but think about how much value you can give the customer.
The idea is also to offer free services and products in addition to paid products and services, because with good free services and products you get the most value given to your customer.
For example, when you offer a free OMail email service to a customer with the help of an invitation link in accordance with our operating model, he or she registers in your own organization at the same time and is a potential paying customer. When this customer is inside the ecosystem, he can buy a paid product from the market place, with which he earns commissions. Similarly, you, as the inviter of the free email service, earn commissions when the customer buys or renews a paid product. Best of all, the product is paid for only once out of your own pocket, and the service is renewed with the help of income from future commissions.

You can start automatic earning in a few tens. Through the ecosystem, you can also do easy and simple tasks to earn income for your digital wallet, with which you can get the first paid product even for free or you only pay a fraction of the product itself out of your own pocket.

When you have bought a paid product or service, you have chosen yourself as an affiliate, you get automatic customer acquisition, automatic sales and automatic marketing.

Join for free via the link shown in the video and find the join us section, take advantage of the free products, which are very useful for you. With these tips, you have offered the customer a lot of value. Once he’s your customer, he’ll be your customer forever. This account can be transferred as an inheritance to your family, so they will continue to succeed with the help of your customers when you yourself are out of the picture. Artificial intelligence does all the work for you and you earn commissions. That’s how easy and simple real success is.

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