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ONPASSIVE OConnect and OCademy by Automaattinen Tienaaminen

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OConnect & OCademy by ONPASSIVE.

OConnect is an online meeting tool with HD audio and video created by the ONPASSIVE company that provides Clarity and quality for virtual connections this technology helps people in many ways making and monetizing presentations OConnect enables you to hold virtual presentations and monetize your skills it allows you to share information products and services on a global level you can present your skills products or services in Virtual events such as webinars trainings and conferences.

OConnect Features

Including efficient prompter, accurate audio transcription, impressive timer, rich resounds, special virtual backgrounds, expressive reactions, adequate noise cancellation, video streaming from external URL, call to action button plus more features.

What other possibilities

Earning: OConnect offers the opportunity to earn money you can use it for example to organize paid webinars or sell products and services with OConnect you can reach a large audience and earn income through virtual events with this technology selling your own product or service is easy because everyone understands what you are selling the language barrier is no longer an obstacle and you can also study in all languages even if the course instructor speaks a language you don’t normally understand without real time translation by artificial intelligence realtime translation helps the parties understand each other perfectly the speech is automatically translated into the correct language with subtitles in the future you can study from your home couch without having to move to study this saves students money together with the OCademy educational platform artificial intelligence also suggests courses from which you can choose the ones that suit you the courses do not bind you to a place and time you save time and money in addition you can make money and start succeeding right away by buying one paid product and choosing yourself as an affiliate.

14-day free trial, experience it yourself. New features are added to the products regularly.

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