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Technology news from the world

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  1. Google Duet AI now openly available for enterprise at $30
  2. OpenAI’s ARR already at $1B+, after $28M in revenue in 2022
  3. Google Chat increasingly looks like Slack, adds AI features
  4. Bitcoin ETF now likely in U.S. after Grayscale wins SEC lawsuit
  5. Apple announces iPhone 15 launch event for Sep. 12

ChatGPT Enterprise launches, threatening Microsoft, OpenAI’s startup ecosystem

Current features:
Company data “not used for training OpenAI models.”SOC2-compliant, SSO, data encrypted at rest and in transit.Unlimited access to GPT-4, Advanced Data Analysis (fka Code Interpreter).“32k token context windows for 4x longer inputs, files, or follow-ups.”Pricing = “Contact sales.”
Coming soon:
Fine-tuning of ChatGPT to company data.
ChatGPT Business for smaller teams.v2 of Advanced Data Analysis. – TechcrunchOpenAI
Our view: OpenAI again shows it’s ready to compete directly against Microsoft and startups building on its APIs

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iPhone 14 Pro Max surpasses 14 Pro as most shipped phone globally in 1H, as consumers go for premium

  • Trend of consumers going for premium products is clear:
    • Top 4 products are all Apple, ranked by their price, with the most expensive ones selling more.
    • In 2022, consumers favored cheaper phones, like the Galaxy A13 or the iPhone 11.

WEB3 Ventures: An Investment Into Our Future*

WEB3 Ventures is at the forefront of this emerging field of WEB3, committed to investing in projects that have the potential to change the world.Backed by a team of experts with 30+ years of industry experience and over 100+ angel investments, their knowledge of the technology’s potential is unparalleled, and they are dedicated to investing in projects that can truly make a difference in the world.Invest in our Future: https://www.w3ven.com/
*This Advertisement is for informational and deal flow purposes only. This is not a solicitation for investment or an offering of securities.

Influencer marketing dollars keep rising, while creator economy startup investment falters

  • The value is accruing directly to the creators, not to startups that build products for them. – The Information
  • The large social media platforms are the major benefactors in the creator economy, of course, with Meta leading the pack at a $750B market cap, $128B annualized revenue, and $31B annualized net profits.

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Other headlines

Google has the most AI GPUs, could dominate sector with Gemini.
Sen. Schumer’s AI forum on Sep. 13 welcomes Altman, Nadella, others.
Intenseye raising $65M Series B at $300M valuation, led by Lightspeed.
Uber Eats to introduce AI chatbot.
Microsoft president Brad Smith: AI needs “human control.”
Yahoo Mail introduces AI-powered Shopping Saver.
Chamath Palihapitiya’s Social Capital tried to sell $312M in startup stock.
Google to sell maps data to renewable energy firms, exp. $100M in revenue.
Streaming titles +39% in 2 years to 2.35M.
Tesla faces 2 trials involving Autopilot fatality, starting Sep.
Zuckerberg says he can type at 100 WPM inside VR headset.
Amazon CEO threatens to fire employees who don’t go to office 3x week.
Twitter faces 2.2K arbitration cases, filing fees of $3M+.
Connections: new NYT game a hit.
90% of Denmark’s growth comes from Pharma, Ozempic.
Fierce Biotech’s 2023 Fierce 15.
Alnylam to appeal Moderna patent ruling.
China mega banks likely to cut rates by 3rd time in 2023, by 5-20 bps.
Citadel has 69K intern applicants.
Goldman to sell wealth management unit it bought for $750M.
New Zealand to introduce 3% digital services revenue.
SEC settles 1st NFT enforcement case, fines company $6M.
SBF case: DOJ wants to bar all 7 defense witnesses.
DCG reaches agreement with Genesis creditors, recoveries of 65-90%.
Binance considers Russia exit after allegations of sanctions violations.
Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong removed from company he founded.

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