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The A Winner Takes All phenomenon

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The A Winner Takes All phenomenon.

The digital revolution has transformed business and everyday life in many ways. I will highlight these concepts and their implications:

  1. The A Winner Takes All phenomenon:
  • This phenomenon refers to a situation where one player grabs most of the market, leaving little room for others. Google and Facebook are prime examples of this. They are so powerful that there seems to be little choice.
  1. Platform economy:
  • The platform economy is like a digital marketplace where different players can offer their services. It is no longer about who owns the individual shops or restaurants, but about who controls the marketplace. Wolt’s 30% share of restaurant meals is a good example of this. Wolt does not own any restaurants.
  1. Ease of use and reliability of services:
  • Success in the digital world comes down to these two things. Easy to use and reliable services attract customers. When an application works seamlessly and reliably, it creates a positive user experience.

That’s all you need.
So yes, in the digital economy, these concepts are key.

ONPASSIVE is a technology company that provides AI-based solutions for both small and large businesses. Their product portfolio includes several digital services that operate on a SaaS subscription model. Here are some of the services offered by ONPASSIVE:

  1. O-Net: This service replaces social media and provides a secure way to manage social media.
  2. O-Pal: O-Pal enables instant messaging.
  3. O-Domain: You can get a name for your website with this service.
  4. O-Hosting: this service takes care of hosting your website.
  5. O-Create: An artificial intelligence helps you to create your website effortlessly.
  6. O-Tracker: This service helps you manage your website traffic.
  7. Cloud services: ONPASSIVE also offers cloud rental and sales.

ONPASSIVE has its own ecosystem where products and services work seamlessly together. They also have a marketplace where you can buy paid services and products. Interestingly, when you buy a paid product, you get 100% commission back on the first sale. AI helps sell, market and acquire customers on your behalf. You can also buy more customer traffic.

You can use all these services on your own website and direct traffic to it. This way, you can continue to manage the sales and delivery of your own products. With ONPASSIVE products, you can improve your efficiency, multiply your profits and save time and money.

In addition, ONPASSIVE offers services for businesses, such as staff management (O-Staff) and accounting (O-Counting). They also have a charity service called O-Bless.

ONPASSIVE offers a comprehensive ecosystem that combines all the services and products you need behind a single login. Their cutting-edge products work seamlessly together and are driven by AI.

We have these three key things mentioned earlier:

  1. The A Winner Takes All phenomenon: Success in the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem can lead to big results. When one product or service rises above the rest, it can take most of the attention and resources.
  2. Platform economy: together, the services and products offered by ONPASSIVE form a platform that enables diversification. This platform can be the basis for success.
  3. Ease of Use and Reliability of Services: the ONPASSIVE ecosystem aims to provide easy to use and reliable solutions. This is important to enable users to make effective use of the services.

Join for free and get access to all the free products and services that will help you save time and money. You can also choose to become an ONPASSIVE affiliate and purchase paid products. This will allow you to automatically earn revenue. Buying a single digital product can effectively set you up with an automated business that operates without constant supervision. Track your revenue, buy more paid products and maximise your income this way.

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