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Automatic Earning

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Automatic Earning. Have you ever wondered what automatic earning means?
It simply means that you sign up for free through our link, find the “Join us” link on our page and once you’ve signed up, you’ll immediately have access to free products and services that will save you time.

Becoming an Affiliate

You can start earning automatically as soon as you re-register by looking for the text “become an affiliate” at the top of the ecosystem, read through the agreement and sign it electronically by pressing the left mouse button and drawing your signature, you can also do it on your smartphone by putting your phone in a horizontal position and signing it with your finger on the touch screen.

Purchasing a Paid Product

Once you are an affiliate, go to the marketplace of the ecosystem and buy a paid product there, the ecosystem will then sell the product you have bought to other customers with the help of the AI and you will receive a 100% commission on the first automatic sale of the product to get back the same amount you paid for the product, on subsequent sales you will receive commissions currently around 25% each time a sale is made.

Real-time Sales and Commissions

Sales and commissions are real-time. With these commissions you can buy more products and use these commissions to extend the life of the products you have already bought, i.e. to renew your product payments, and you can withdraw the other commissions to yourself, e.g. to your bank account, there are other withdrawal methods available.

Benefits of Automatic Earning

The great thing is that you pay for each digital product or service only once out of your own pocket and use the commissions you receive to renew products or services, which are an automatic source of earning income. Other commissions and bonuses you receive are clear income for you.
The ecosystem and AI will sell and market products and acquire customers for you, you can also buy more customer traffic separately in the future.

Ecosystem Deveploment

Development is happening all the time. Products and services are regularly added to the ecosystem and updates and features are regularly added to existing products and services. This is just the beginning.

In the near future it will include website maintenance and page creation, domain and cloud sales, physical products such as AI-powered robots have already been released.

Financial Considerations

Get your taxes in order with the help of an expert and consider whether it makes the most sense to use personal taxation or whether you should set up a company to receive this income.

The amounts shown in the video are not real income estimates and do not necessarily have anything to do with the real income you receive, but are just an illustration of the AI’s view of the content production of the video.

Join for free and start succeeding right away

Join for free and start succeeding right away

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